Pete Brown

3-7-12             Pete Brown

Love’s Singer / Songwriter Arthur Lee born 1945, folksinger Townes Van Zandt born 1944; Alone Again Or.

My friend Pete Brown is still going strong.  I was recently given his wonderful autobiography “White Rooms and Imaginary Westerns” (2010) and it’s one of the most enjoyable rock music biographies I’ve ever read – but I have studied this subject!  It’s a rollicking read!  A British book, I had a tough time finding it!  (Thanks, Bob!)

This is the book for fans of Pete Brown, Graham Bond, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Colosseum, The Battered Ornaments, Pete Brown & Piblokto, Jack Bruce, Pete Brown & Phil Ryan etc.

I’m so glad Brown wrote his own autobiography – his ‘voice’ definitely comes through in the writing – and he’s had singing lessons!

If you know me well, we have already discussed Pete Brown.  Please be aware that he has two recent albums you might’ve missed – “Road of Cobras” (2010, Proper Records UK) by Pete Brown and Phil Ryan and now “Perils of Wisdom” by Pete Brown and Phil Ryan, as announced on Brown’s website.  I know that they mixed some of “Road of Cobras” with Eddie Kramer, because that’s the last time I saw Mr. Brown face-to-face (Summer 2008 at Mr. Kramer’s studio, up in North Hollywood).

The other two albums by Pete Brown & Phil Ryan are well worth seeking out:  “Coals To Jerusalem” (1993) and “Ardours of the Lost Rake” (1991).  Even Brown himself will warn you off of his live album with The Interoceters, “Live At The Borderline” (2002). But it’s out there.

What I always try to say to fans of Piblokto, is that they really must give “Party In The Rain” (1983) a try.  It’s nothing like the style of the Piblokto albums, but it’s a really good album.  Recorded circa ’76-’77, the band was actually called Back To the Front, but it’s billed as being by Pete Brown and Ian Lynn.

The last album Mr. Brown wrote with Jack Bruce was called “More Jack Than God” (2003) – I have not heard this album, never saw a copy of it for sale at a reasonable price.  I did not participate in the Cream re-union at all, but I am rather curious about how the sound is on the DVD – is it real 5.1?

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2 Responses to Pete Brown

  1. Brian Ware says:

    I have “More Jack Than God” as a regular ÇD. Did they do a 5.1 on that one like they did
    “Shadows In The Air”? It’s a terrific album and sits very comfortably next to “Shadows”. Again several classic songs are reinterpreted and his backing band returns with all that distinctive percussion that gives Jack’s music such interesting textures now. I hope Jack will continue to be with us for a long time to come. Pete’s book sounds like something I’d enjoy. Still need to read Jack’s biography as well.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    Brian – I have both the Jack Bruce book and now the wonderful Pete Brown book – Brown’s book has over 1,000 music life stories in it, while Jack seems to concentrate on Jack. But I do recommend both books – and let’s not forget the Ginger Baker book! I do not know if the Pete Brown book will be readily available in the US or not; i was given a copy, and did not have to search for it. Only ever saw a DVD-A for “Shadows In The Air”, not any other J.B. titles. – RK

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