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I hurt my back.  Of course…I start a new job tomorrow. Hopefully, my regular blogs will resume on 1 DEC 10. – Ron Advertisements

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SHM-CD SA-CD’s from Japan

At 4,500 yen each (approx. US$54 each), I got these three SHM-CD SA-CD which are non-hybrid (you cannot play them on a CD player, you must use an SA-CD player) – the verdict?  All 3 are re-mastered in Tokyo in … Continue reading

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The Arrangement

A while back when the Japanese made little album covers for all 3 x Robin Scott “M” albums, I remembered “The Arrangement” by Robin Scott and Ryuichi Sakamoto.  I didn’t think I had it on CD – drat!  Last night, … Continue reading

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David Bowie – “Low”

I’d been a Bowie fan at the time of Ziggy Stardust, but quickly lost the plot.  When “Low” came along, I was already working in a record store – it is the Bowie LP largely responsible for getting me to … Continue reading

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I cannot believe this title ever got a legit US issue CD!!  Wounded Bird did the honors, apparently in 2009.  One of my favorite US 1968/9 psych albums, originally on Reprise Records!

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Procol Harum – “Home”

11-19-10 Procol Harum – “Home” I confess that it was the absence of Procol Harum’s “Home” LP in my collection that lead me down the path of re-buying much of my somewhat extensive vinyl collection, beginning in roughly 1997.  I … Continue reading

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King Crimson

11-18-10 King Crimson KING CRIMSON – In The Court of The Crimson King KING CRIMSON – In The Wake of Poseidon KING CRIMSON – Lizard KING CRIMSON – Islands Buy the 40th anniversary 2CD sets of these four titles!  Amazing … Continue reading

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