Smash Hits Vol. 2, No. 13

6-26-13                     Smash Hits (Vol. 2, No. 13) June 26 – July 9, 1980

SH 800626

On 6/26/60 the Johnny Kidd & The Pirates “Shakin’ All Over 45 charts at No. 3 in England.  On 6/26/65 the Yardbirds 45 “Heart Full Of Soul” charts at No. 2 in England.

Undertones on the cover, and a nice color photo of Jona Lewie on the reverse!  Open the issue, and you get lyrics for “Who Wants The World?” by The Stranglers, “Wednesday Week” by The Undertones, “The Bed’s Too Big Without You” by The Police…”2-Tone Reunion Plans”; It says that John Foxx’s “Twentieth Century” B-Side is to be used for a London Weekend Television series called “Twentieth Century Box”, a show presented by Danny Baker – in black & white!  The Attractions release a single without Elvis Costello (“Single Girl”).  Basement 5 sign to Island Records.  Big UB40 article, with a nice color photo.  “Great Rock & Roll Swindle” color centerfold.  Big Peter Gabriel article.  Splodgenessabounds (on Deram Records).


Ultravox “Sleepwalk” (Chrysalis Records) their label debut

Mari Wilson “Love Man” (GTO Records)

Human League “Empire State Human” (Virgin Records) re-issue

Pink Military “Did You See Her?” (Eric’s Records)

Clive Langer & The Boxes “It’s All Over Now” (F-Beat Records)


Dalek I “Compass / Kum’pass” (Back Door Records)

Klark Kent – s/t (A&M Records, 10” LP)

Toyah “The Blue Meaning” (Safari Records)

In the gigs section, New Musik, Psychedelic Furs and Dexy’s Midnight Runners are all slogging up and down the U.K.

I was nae so fond of an Ultravox minus Mr. Foxx.  I didn’t know there were Mari Wilson 45’s before The Compact Organization!  I remember Human League being flogged, without much success – that came later.  I did buy this (debut) Pink Military 45, for some reason – the cover?  I put 2 and 2 together to realize that Clive Langer was all that was left of Deaf School, but…F-beat did not know how to attractively package his new 1980 works.

I did, in fact, buy the Dalek I LP as a new release; some Dutch friends had recommended them to me.  I noted the Klark Kent 10”, but only ever saw US issues.  For artistes on the Safari label, I preferred Wayne / Jayne County to Toyah Wilcox.

It would be right around this time that I began to pay attention to the new wave music of New Zealand, forever to alter my direction of approach.

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  1. 45spin says:

    Great post, I was always a big Johnny Kidd & The Pirates fan

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