Time Anniversary

3-8-12             Time Anniversary

Bluesman Mississippi John Hurt born 1892, UK synthman Gary Numan born 1958; Are ‘Friends’ Electric?

As I will not have to tell many readers of this blog, time seems to move very quickly.  In a way, it seems to me that recorded (and live) music may help create the illusion that time is not shuffling so quickly.

Time spent listening to music usually seems like time well-spent; many of us have other methods of “slowing down time” – alcohol, work (an occupation), families, vacations…

At very least, music won’t shorten your time on this plane / planet!  No health concerns there!

Lately, I have been preparing some lists that will provide us with a monthly “blog” for the next 10 years!  And, as you may know, the 10th anniversary of my writing a music blog is coming up on 7/30/12.  That’s right, I’ve been writing 4 or 5 days a week for nearly ten entire years now.  Thanks to Warren for suggesting it, initially.  And thanks to any/ everybody who reads my stuff.

10 years?  That’s a lot of typing!

While preparing my lists of everything entering the collection over the last 10 years, I delight in seeing cycles becoming visible – the nascent UK 70’s glam rock fan; SA-CD a-go-go; all the artists that I didn’t collect at the time, but can find time for now – Yello, Level 42, Mike Oldfield etc.; 45’s!

So I am not done yet.  If you keep your computer turned on, something new under the sun will be marching down the pike reasonably soon.  That’s right – work has (again) begun on http://www.ronkane.com!  So keep your eyes peeled, as I will be re-directing you there very soon.

I am DJing @ Cuculapraline in Eagle Rock on Saturday 3/10


It will be “Jazz Night”, I think.  Step up!


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