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Time Machine 1971 (Strange Days #4)

5-31-11 Time Machine 1971 – Strange Days #4 I will be writing a lot about 1971 this year, as it’s the 40th anniversary of 1971.  “Strange Days” magazine in Japan also writes a “Time Machine” column, and that’s what today’s … Continue reading

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Time Machine 1971

5-30-11 Time Machine Phonolog Reports – New Releases Week of May 31, 1971 Caught my eye: BONZO DOG BAND – The Beast Of The Bonzoes (U.A. UAS-5517) SOFT MACHINE – Fourth (Columbia C 30754) (LP) McGUINNESS–FLINT – Happy Birthday Ruthie … Continue reading

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Evidence, 8mm

Been playing with my PAL 8mm machine, which surprisingly still works perfectly.  I bought it in Singapore in 1987! Finding all sorts of music videos that I dubbed from folks with my portable recorder…Mam, Fane Flaws, Fay Lovsky etc. – … Continue reading

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A Dream

5-26-11 A Dream A little diversion from my usual writing about music.  A few weeks ago, I had a particularly vivid dream, which I will describe.  I was tired, and I went to bed listening to a recording of Van … Continue reading

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Ryuichi Sakamoto – 80’s releases

5-25-11 Ryuichi Sakamoto – 80’s releases In just a little over a month, I will be seeing Y.M.O. on stage at the Hollywood Bowl.  Without doubt, my interest in Y.M.O. remained after their break-up in ’84 by some of the … Continue reading

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200 Blogs on WordPress (already)

5-24-11 – 200 Blogs on WordPress (already) + Gutbucket + Pink Floyd SA-CD Hard to believe it, but according to WordPress, I’ve already submitted 200 blogs to be published (with this one today). Seems like only recently that WordPress was … Continue reading

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Yes – Fragile (DVD-Audio)

5-23-11 Yes – “Fragile” DVD-Audio I only got my 5.1 sound system in January 2011, and I went looking for multi-channel entertainment.  In my search, I saw Yes “Fragile” mentioned as one of the better sounding multi-channel (5.1) DVD Audio … Continue reading

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August 1975

5-19-11 August 1975 I just found an August 1975 Warner Brothers US 45rpm / LP release schedule: Jessie Colin Young – Motorhome Seals & Crofts – Castles In The Sand Jethro Tull – Minstrel In The Gallery * The Impressions … Continue reading

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5-18-11 P.F.M. I last wrote about P.F.M. (Premiata Forneria Marconi) in 2003 – before I got the chance to completely re-buy my P.F.M. CD collection in Japan once again! Another fine Italian progressive rock band from the 1970’s!  There are … Continue reading

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Le Orme

05-17-11 Le Orme Le Orme are one of the more accessible Italian 1970’s progressive rock bands.  The core of the band is Aldo Tagliapietra (bass & vocals), Tony Pagliuca (keyboards) and Michi Dei Rossi (drums).  All of the singing is … Continue reading

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