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Bob Dylan – “Desire”

10-29-10 Bob Dylan – “Desire” I have long been a fan of Bob Dylan.  I probably became aware of him when “Like A Rolling Stone” was being played on the AM radio, in the mid-60’s.  When you’re a fan of … Continue reading

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Ryuichi Sakamoto (Works from 1999 – 2007)

10-28-10 Ryuichi Sakamoto (Works from 1999 – 2007) CD #04                                                                               WARNER JPN           WPCL-10136 2004 14 TRKS CD #05                                                                               WARNER JPN           WPCL-10222 2005 14 TRKS CDx2 AUDIO LIFE                                                                 WARNER JPN           WPC6-10073/4 1999 9 TRKS “Life” Opera CD BTTB                                                                            WARNER JPN           WPC6-10019 … Continue reading


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Adriano Celentano

10-27-10 Adriano Celentano I had always seen Adriano Celentano’s records in places that had “International” sections – Vogue Records in Westwood for example – or in Italian deli’s that had records.  But I never heard any – and by all … Continue reading

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Hot Weather & Records

10-26-10 Hot Weather & Records When I was a youth, when it got hot during summer / fall, we would sometimes pile into the “den”, close the blinds, turn on the in-window air conditioner and play Allan Sherman records all … Continue reading

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Kevin Ayers

10-25-10 Kevin Ayers Once a member of The Soft Machine and a wonderful UK male vocal solo artist for over four decades, as of this writing.  His newest album, “The Unfairground” was released in 2007 – it’s magnificent!  Collections and … Continue reading

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When did I diverge from the mainstream?

10-22-10 When Did I Diverge from the Mainstream? Well, if stuff got too popular – you knew it because other kids at school talked about it.  I had my brother and sisters to help me listen.  What records were in … Continue reading

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Ari Up (1962 – 2010)

10-21-10 Ari Up (1962 – 2010) Goodbye to Ari Up, the vocalist of The Slits. SLITS, THE CUT                                                                                                                     ISLAND UK ILPS 9573                           LP 1979 10 TRKS UK SLITS, THE CUT re                                                                                                                ISLAND UK 548186.2                            CD 1979 12 TRKS re-mastered, 2 … Continue reading

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October, 1990

10-21-10 October, 1990 Twenty years ago, I was readying myself to return to the U.S. after nearly a year of living in England.  The company that I was invited over to run had ‘failed’.  We were too early for the … Continue reading

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Cook & Moore – Behind The Fridge

10-20-10 Cook & Moore – “Behind The Fridge” Doing the good work… I have been a collector of comedy LP’s ever since I was a child.  I have been a fan of Peter Cook & Dudley Moore ever since seeing … Continue reading

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VH-1’s 100 Greatest Albums

10-19-10 VH-1’s 100 Greatest Albums Y’all know I love lists of music.  I recently found another one, “VH-1’s 100 Greatest Albums”, a small coffee table book for people too lazy to watch cable TV – printed in 2005, edited by … Continue reading

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