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Christmas Memories

12-24-10 “Christmas Memories” Here’s a few chestnuts for Christmas…likely Xmas 1970, there were some records that I wanted, but…too expensive to just ask my dad for ‘em.  Notably George Harrison “All Things Must Pass” – it hovered around the $9 … Continue reading

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Preparing for a trip…

12-23-10 Preparing for a trip… Lately, I have been preparing for a trip.  That’s right, after Xmas, we will drive up to San Francisco for a week’s visit.  Preparation for a trip includes making various artists CD’s that nobody will … Continue reading

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Time Machine 1970 #10

12-22-10 Time Machine 1970 #10 40 years ago!! Strange Days magazine in Japan is keeping up with it’s “Time Machine” series, which I find quite interesting. Strange Days 2010.12 lists “October 1970 Albums” as: Led Zeppelin “Led Zeppelin III” (Atlantic … Continue reading

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Frank Zappa’s 70th Birthday

12-21-10 Frank Zappa’s 70th Birthday I am not usually around during the week before / after Christmas, each year.  This year, I am at home during the week before Christmas, so I can appropriately commemorate Mr. Zappa’s birthday this year. … Continue reading

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Bootleg book

12-20-10 Bootleg book I have been reading a book about the supposed ‘history’ of rock & roll bootleg LP’s.  Interesting for me to note that it seemed to be based in L.A. – I actually recognized several of the early … Continue reading

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Captain Beefheart

Goodbye, Don.  

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Blake Edwards

Blake Edwards (1922 – 2010)

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Ultimate Collection #007

12-17-10 Ultimate Collection #007 John Entwistle – “Smash Your Head Against The Wall” (Track Record UK LP 2406 005) I first hopped on to The Who bandwagon around the time of “Tommy” – but I doubtlessly knew of their hit … Continue reading

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Japanese Genealogy

12-16-10 Japanese Genealogy Take a look at the English-language Japanese artist genealogy that this guy has worked up (some time ago, I might add!).  I have always tried to piece this stuff together, not with 100% success.  It’s much … Continue reading

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12-15-10 Icehouse The venerable Iva Davies! 12″ BABY, YOU’RE SO STRANGE                                                    REGULAR AUS      X 14279 1986 4 TRKS with pic sleeve 7″ BABY, YOU’RE SO STRANGE (7″ x 2) (PS)                             REGULAR AUS      K 9924 1986 4 TRK EP; with … Continue reading

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