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Rocktober – Coming Right Up!

9-30-10 Rocktober – Coming Right Up! In the month of October, 2010 – I am again going to try to answer some proposed questions from regular reader Jim Donato.  I always ask Jim-san for suggestions – and he readily provides … Continue reading

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Paper Sleeve Mania!

9-29-10 Paper Sleeve Mania! At the beginning of September, a large collection of Japanese paper sleeve (kami sleeve) CD’s showed up at Amoeba Records in Hollywood.  From this batch, I got 17 titles: BUGGLES – AGE OF PLASTIC, UNIVERSAL JPN … Continue reading

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Attack of the iPods

I used to listen to cassettes on a Sony Walkman Continue reading

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45 Mania, August 2010!

9-27-10 45 Mania, August 2010! I had a real run of good luck finding 45’s in August, 2010.  The Albert Brooks promo-only 45 had been on my want list for decades.  Never saw a Fleetwood Mac “Oh Well” 45 before.  … Continue reading

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9-24-10                     XTC – Singles How did I arrive at XTC?  A free 12” single.  Initial copies of the superlative “Go 2” LP came with a “free” 12” single: “Go +” (and a large poster).  I think we opened up the … Continue reading

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Last night’s Playlist…vinyl… ATHLETICO SPIZZ 80 – New Species JONES, GRACE – Party Girl (7” Vers.) LILAC TIME – All For Love and Love For All SAD CAFÉ – Run Home Girl MOORE, BOB – Hell’s Angels SAM THE SHAM … Continue reading

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Mental As Anything – Singles

9-23-10                     Mental As Anything – Singles From Sydney, Australia! 7″ NIPS ARE GETTING BIGGER, THE                                                             VIRGIN UK         VS 309 1979 2 TRKS with pic sleeve 12″ CLOSE AGAIN / NOT ENOUGH / HOMING PIGEON                                REGULAR AUS RRT 604 1982 … Continue reading

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Pink Floyd

9-22-10 Pink Floyd Oh, no – he’s writing about mainstream progressive rock again! To get it out of the way, I regard Syd Barrett very highly; I like his two initial solo albums better than almost any Pink Floyd titles.  … Continue reading

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Jethro Tull

9-21-10 Jethro Tull I have been fond of Jethro Tull for over 40 years.  My initial interest trailed off around the time of their first ‘collection’ – “Living In The Past” – I never made it to “Passion Play” (at … Continue reading

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The Last 5 Years…

9-20-10 The Last 5 Years Because of how I document and file my music collection, it has been possible for me to keep a list of all my purchases of the last 5 years; F.Y.I., it’s roughly 6,300 titles. I … Continue reading

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