Ron Kane, b. 1958, Long Beach, CA.  I’ve been visiting Europe since 1979, Australasia since 1980, Japan since 1994, Canada since 2005 etc.  I like to listen to and write about music.

4 Responses to About

  1. Hi Ron
    thought you might like to come over and see the original Dr Strangely Strange play Heavy Petting live at the Jazz Cafe, Camden on October 29th?? I’ve done another remaster/booklet job on it for Hux. We had Gary Moore lined up to guest but it’ll be Paul Simmon (Bevis Frond) on lead now.
    All the best – Adrian

  2. Need to make an entry for the Decayes 😛

  3. Don Leighty says:

    Hi Ron,
    Couldn’t find a place to leave the info here, so I left you a note concerning Geoff and Maria and their Pottery Pie LP at the old blog.

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