Jack Bruce

5-14-13          Jack Bruce

Happy birthday Jack Bruce  ! (Born 1943)

I think the first recordings by Jack Bruce are with either Manfred Mann or the Graham Bond Organization; kind of a coin toss!

I know there’s a new 4CD boxed set of the Graham Bond Organization that’s supposed to have some stereo GBO titles!  Not just that crappy sounding live album that Charly seems to re-issue every now and again!

The first we all heard of Jack Bruce was “I Feel Free” by Cream, after it was all a done deal, Eric Clapton already being “God”, people already being ‘afraid’ of Ginger Baker – because of his famous temper!

I am too young to have seen Cream play live.  I wouldn’t have known about it anyway; I wasn’t reading the music trade papers when Cream were together…yet!  I only got the US releases as I could find them.  Had to get the “Best Of” album to get “Spoonful”; I never knew about the US 45 of it until decades later!

The idea of a Jack Bruce solo career has always appealed to me; my favorite is probably “How’s Tricks?” – but I am biased; I saw that tour!

In the 80’s, I met and befriended Pete Brown, Mr. Bruce’s lyricist.  I still hum “Doing That Scrapyard Thing” to myself at inopportune times (at work, drinking etc.)

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One Response to Jack Bruce

  1. Brian Ware says:

    I can’t overemphasize the impact Jack has had on my musical world. “Songs For A Tailor” came along at the perfect moment in my life and really showed me how far the concept of a pop song could be expanded. Those first three solo albums are still my favorite. I’m grateful he’s still with us, and that I got to see him live in the early 90s (with Ginger!). Hearing him play “Theme For An Imaginary Western” and “Tickets To Waterfalls” were true bucket list moments.

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