July 1980 Cassette

7-1-13                         July 1980 Cassette

1980.07 Cassette

On 7/1/67 the Cream 45 “Strange Brew” charts at No. 17 in England.

I apologize for not having detailed the cassettes I made over 30 years ago.


THE DAMNED – Probably a new single, “History of The World” or is it too soon for that?

GRUPPO SPORTIVO – Perhaps the “Sleeping Bag” 45?

JACQUES PLAFOND – Don’t Do That (from his CBS NL LP)

CRISTINA – Is That All There Is 12” (which got withdrawn, as I recall)

THE BIRTHDAY PARTY – Could be from the “Hee Haw” 12” EP

DALEK I – Debut 45?

AARDVARK – Very Nice Of You To Call (from their 1970 LP!)  Took me 10 years to get this LP!

HUMAN HANDS – Maybe the “Trains vs. Planes” 45?


THE ROLLING STONES – A contemporary 45, likely

MEIKE TOUW’S TUTTI FRUTTI – Probably the 45 from their album, ex-Sportivo

ARTURO STALTERI – Something from the “Andre Sulla Luna” LP


THE CURE – Unless it’s “Charlotte Sometimes”, it’s still from “17 Seconds”

KATE BUSH – Doubtlessly a 45

NEW MUSIK – Perhaps a single from the debut album?

JOE JACKSON – Likely a UK 45

THE BUDDY ODOR STOP (Gruppo Sportivo) –


THE BUGGLES – Still flogging the Buggles bandwagon, so probably a latter-day ’80 45?  And not something from the 2nd album…yet

MI-SEX – Gotta be from the 2nd album or a 45 thereof

THE HUMAN LEAGUE – still from the first album, or a later single?

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  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Ron had interesting taste in music. I miss that guy.

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