The Pretenders


The Pretenders

Well, at least two of these guys pretended their way out of this world…

7″ BRASS IN POCKET (PS)                                                  REAL UK                   ARE 11

1979 3 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″ KID / TATTOOED LOVE BOYS (PS)                                REAL UK                   ARE 9

1979 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″ MESSAGE OF LOVE / PORCELAIN (PS)                       REAL UK                   ARE 15

1981 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

LP PRETENDERS (1980) (1st Album)                                SIRE US                    SRK 6083

1980 12 TRKS

CDx2 PRETENDERS (1980) (1st album)                                RHINO US                R2 74178

1980 28 TRKS (’06 issue)(16 x bonus tracks)

LP PRETENDERS II                                                                SIRE US                    SRK 3572

1981 12 TRKS

CD PRETENDERS II                                                                MOBILE FIDELITY   UDSA-CD 2056

1981 12 TRKS (’10 issue) hybrid SA-CD

LP SINGLES, THE                                                                   SIRE US                    25664.1

1987 16 TRK Collection

7″ STOP YOUR SOBBING / PHONE CALL, THE (PS)     SIRE US                    SRE 49506

1980 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″ STOP YOUR SOBBING / THE WAIT (PS)                      REAL UK                   ARE 6

1979 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″ TALK OF THE TOWN / CUBAN SLIDE (PS)                  REAL UK                   ARE 12

1980 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

I first heard Ms. Hynde on “Hurt” by Chris Spedding, I believe.  I remember that KROQ used to play the hell out of the UK B-Side “The Wait”.  Too bad they had to re-record it for the album.  I only just got the SA-CD of the 2nd album this year.

Looks like I am all done buying Pretenders CD’s – unless MFSL decides to make an SA-CD of the debut album.  I got the Rhino 2CD version of the debut album as that seemed to have all (or nearly all) of the desirable B-sides / non-LP tracks.

I really love the video that was made for the debut album – with Ms. Hynde doing her laundry and Martin Chambers going on and on about how birds fly etc.

I think “The Singles” pretty much takes care of any post-2nd album needs that I may have concerning The Pretenders.  Truth is, they’re a bit mainstream for my taste; boy, did I ever hear the first two albums played a lot at the time – usually against my will.  It’s taken nearly 30 years for me to want to her ‘em again!  I must say, the Real (UK) 45’s have a great sound to them.

I try to stay away from bad-mouthing things that I realize some people feel strongly about.  I’m not bad-mouthing The Pretenders at all, really.  It’s just so much more mainstream that most of the topics I write about.

Get the first two albums and all the UK 45’s you can find from 1979 – 1981.  The Rhino 2CD version of the debut album is quite good, and I can easily recommend the MFSL hybrid SA-CD of the 2nd album.  Rock music!

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3 Responses to The Pretenders

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    I had the first album, the post-LP singles, then I stopped cold. Never got the 2nd album. Then the dudes were gone and it was s different ball game. I also remember that video with the Scottish gent! If you have a copy of it I would need that when you DVD it, please! I’ve been trying to see that again for 30+ years!

    I traded off the debut years ago and only got it in 2006 on CD and found that while I hadn’t missed it, I sure remembered the entire album like the back of my hand. “Mystery Achievement” has one of the most insistent basslines ever. There’s a 1st take of “The Wait?” My favorite Pretenders tune? I need that! Is it on the 1st LP 2xCD RM?

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    Yep. Get the Rhino 2CD re-master; most all of the wonderful B-Sides are there.

  3. postpunkmonk says:

    One of the things that struck me when I listened to this album for the first time in 26 years upon getting the CD was “what in the hell is Chrissie Hynde singing?” Never have I heard someone singing so unintelligibly. I honestly can’t say what 70% of the lyrics are. I didn’t remember that from 1980.

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