What’s Next?


What’s next?

I was astonished to see that the Firesign Theatre is making many of their early 70’s radio shows available via their website; disappointed to learn that it’s on a DVD of MP3’s – a format that isn’t easy for me to handle.

I don’t download anything – except for the occasional photo / graphic from Flickr.  I still get my music the old fashioned way – I go to stores and swap meets and I buy stuff after looking at it, and deciding if I want to bring a particular piece into my home.  That’s how I’ve done it – for the most part – for the last 40+ years.

But now the Firesign Theatre wants me to handle an ‘unacceptable’ (to me) format.  Maybe one of my friends will buy this FT DVD of MP3’s and make me CD’s from it?

I mentioned this scenario to Jim D., who predicted he’s have to eventually own and operate a computer server of his own, just to deal with (store) the material from artists who are becoming “download-only”. $^\*%)@!!  Is that what it’s coming to?

Using a computer to listen to music is like using a computer to look at works of fine art.  How can a computer show you how impressive a Bridget Riley painting is – in person?  I want my music “in person”!  Or I want to listen to it on a stereo!

My stereo set-up is not impressive, but I can guarantee it sounds better than my computer!  No, I don’t even have speakers for my computer (well, I have ‘em, but  they’re in a box in the other room).  For me, it became a ‘noise pollution’ issue – all the little dings, bleeps – and hastily reproduced ‘music’ as one enters a website – I didn’t want to hear any of it! So, I disconnected the speakers on my computer and have been a lot happier about it ever since.

Another analogy  – as many of you will already know – looking at something on YouTube is not the same as watching broadcast TV, a Beta hi-fi, Laser disc or DVD of something.  Whenever something becomes “an internet sensation” – it always looks like “America’s Funniest Home Videos” to me – a show I always steadfastly refused to watch.  ‘LCD TV’, coming to a computer near you!  Sorry, no time for lo-fi when it comes to the eyes.

So…let’s listen to some music or watch something good on TV.  These are two experiences that are best done with a stereo and a television.  Your best entertainment value!  By the way, I also read books – in book form.  No, we haven’t succumbed to a digital ‘reader’ product, as yet.  I can see the advantage, re: clutter – with a digital reader.  Is Viz available for a Kindle (or whatever it’s called now)?

Maybe you’d rather have something on your computer – instead of a girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, friend?  Yeah, that works – as long as it isn’t too expensive.  Oh, the Mac wife is a lot more expensive than the PC wife – I don’t quite know why, but it looks nicer and works better on an iPhone.

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3 Responses to What’s Next?

  1. Warren says:

    I don’t know, Ron. I figured that the digital migration would be a boon for your hobby, what with people dumping their LP’s, etc. Wouldn’t that increase the pool of used material for you to sift through?

  2. postpunkmonk says:

    Leave it to Warren to see the silver lining. Back in 2006, I got a ton of $1 CDs on La La, which traded CDs at that time. The pools of available stuff was constantly being added to by those who “ripped and shipped.” That is, they traded CDs through La La, paying a dollar for each trade, compressed the files to their hard drives, and traded out the CDs again to amass a large collection of… files. Me? I was happy to keep the precious discs, which I traded chaff for and got highly sought after prizes in return – for a buck a pop!

  3. ronkanefiles says:

    I do think people mail-order expensive CD’s and then dump ’em, particularly in San Francisco / Berkeley – I can always find a lot of esoteric music up there.

    I can’t get enthusiastic about not owning a physical piece of stuff. I recently got a 5.1 Sony set up for really inexpensive – now that’s something you can’t download or burn…

    Plus, I now get to search for DVD-A’s and more SA-CD’s!

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