Rolling Stones “Hot Rocks 1” (CD)


Rolling Stones “Hot Rocks 1” CD

There is an extremely desirable Rolling Stones CD that isn’t an SA-CD:  “Hot Rocks 1” (London / Polydor Japan P25L 25047, released 1989).  No idea how it happened, but…

This disc is truly unique:  10 of the 12 songs on this CD are in true stereo!  In TRUE STEREO:  “Time Is On My Side”, “Heart Of Stone”, “Play With Fire”, “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, “Get Off My Cloud”, “Mother’s Little Helper”, “Paint It Black”, “Under My Thumb”, “Ruby Tuesday” and “Let’s Spend The Night Together” – only “As Tears Go By” and “19th Nervous Breakdown” are in mono.  Here are true stereo versions of the above listed tracks that are not currently available (not even on the ’02 SA-CD’s!).  Want to hear “Satisfaction” in true stereo?  This disc is the way…

So, whenever tapes were being pulled – somehow a properly mixed “Satisfaction” in true stereo made it’s way to both Germany and Japan in the late 80’s – could this possibly have something to do with the MFSL boxed set of LP’s?  Of course, in the late 80’s – there were no “CD mastering” credits on this CD.

For years, I’ve chased lots of ‘true stereo’ songs by The Rolling Stones – such as the groovy stuff on “No. 2” that found it’s way to CD in Japan, much of it in true stereo – again, in the late 80’s.  I’m really bummed that the ’02 SA-CD’s don’t seem to be so adventurous – they (the ’02 SA-CD’s) do, however, all sound fairly uniformly great.  It was just super that Abkco gave you a choice between the US or UK version of “Between The Buttons” and “Aftermath”.  The original British Decca LP of “Aftermath” is one of my longest held personal beliefs in the strength of ‘rock music’.

It’s nearly impossible to tell if a German version of the “Hot Rocks 1” CD is a stereo version unless you pop it in a CD player and listen to it – but the Japanese editions: much easier – there are several editions of “Hot Rocks 1”, but if you stick with finding a Japanese London / Polydor P25L 25047 disc, you’ll get there.  As far as I know, none of the US versions of “Hot Rocks” as a double CD have the desirable true stereo songs.

It hits you immediately when you first hear “Satisfaction” in true stereo – did you know that there’s a piano on that track?  You can hear it in the stereo version!  I confess that the true stereo “Get Off Of My Cloud” also rattled my cage – wow, sure never heard this before!  It is so super cool to hear these stereo versions!  Dang!

As stereo is generally very common, record companies are now re-releasing mono versions of The Beatles, Bob Dylan etc. – as many people never heard those mixes / versions.  But it’s astonishing to go the other direction and hear something in nice wide stereo, after you’ve been used to it being in mono for decades.

The topic of mono vs. stereo is best left for the ‘Stereo bulletin board’ at the Both Sides Now Website:

–          RK

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4 Responses to Rolling Stones “Hot Rocks 1” (CD)

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    I’ve had a stereo “Hot Rocks 1” since the late 80s, when I was alerted of the existence of these stereo mixes and takes. I saw it in a store and knew to buy it immediately! I already had the nice “London Years” box but as we all know, the common mono versions are in that. My “Hot Rocks 1” copy is W. GER London/Abcko 825 141-2 and it definitely has mastering credits:

    Analogue to digital mastering by Mobile Fidelity Sound
    Co-ordination: John Tracy for Decca International

    So your guess as to MFSL’s involvement was spot on. Of the 12 songs, the only tracks in mono are “As Tears Go By” and “19th Nervous Breakdown.” It’s nice to hear the difference as these were good stereo mixes; none of that Beatle-esque isolation with voices on the right and guitars on the left.

  2. postpunkmonk says:

    P.S. the publishing date on my disc is 1985.

  3. ronkanefiles says:

    You got lucky – the German discs are hard to find. I have turned up several Japanese discs, but never a German one!

    It’s extremely cool!

  4. postpunkmonk says:

    By the way, the German disc clearly states Stereo/Mono on the spine/disc/tray back and has a dingbat indicating which tracks are in mono on the inserts. Even if I hadn’t read about this disc I might have picked up just looking at it. They went out of their way to let the buyer know what goods they were getting up front. Only a sticker could have taken it to the next level.

    It was much easier to get German imports in the late 80s at a music store in Orlando than JPN discs! I got this at Park Ave. CDs.

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