Mute Records sampler “Vorwarts”

6-18-13          Mute Records sampler

Mute Sampler "Vorwarts" (2011)

On 6/18/66 The Beatles 45 “Paperback Writer” charts at No. 1 in England.  Also on 6/18/66 The Kinks 45 “Sunny Afternoon” charts at No. 1 – a good summer record.

I recently got a Mute Records sampler LP / CD set that looked OK to me – “Vorwarts”, a 2011 release.

1)     Junip – In Every Direction (White Sea remix)

2)     Big Deal – Locked Up

3)     Josh T. Pearson – Singer To The Crowd

4)     Liars – Greyscale

5)     Can – Millionspiel (Edit)

6)     S.C.U.M. – Summon The Sound

7)     Moby – Be The One

8)     Mick Harvey – The Ballad of Jay Givens

9)     Polly Scattergood – Silver Lining

10)  SFT / Espen J. Jorgensen – Noise Activity (extra track on CD only)

Very neat that they give you the CD with the purchase of the LP!

This was purchased for the exclusive Can cut (from 1970) and the Mick Harvey track.  I simply do not recognize anything else here; but if it’s on Mute Records – it has a chance it could be interesting!  Daniel Miller used to release records by Boyd Rice, after all!

When I wrote to The Birthday Party 30 odd years ago, it was Mick Harvey who wrote back.  Nice guy; got to meet him when The Birthday Party came to L.A. in approx. 1983.  I always found it odd that he made 2 x albums of Serge Gainsbourg songs.

The Can song is from a film; I guess they were trying to get film placement work (remember the album “Soundtracks”?), as it is an additional source of publishing money; money that could be used to further their experiments – towards whatever end they saw fit / necessary.  Cool.

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