Pot-Ent (1972)

6-19-13          Pot-Ent (1972)

Potent cover

On 6/19/71, the LP “Tapestry” by Carole King charts at No. 1 in the US.

This is a delightful German sampler LP from approx. 1972.  I’ve owned it since at least the end of the 70’s.  Unlike many colored vinyl discs of the day, this one is reasonably high quality (see below).  Nice gatefold cover, what would’ve been called a Unipak in the US (LP loads from the inside, once you open the cover).  Somewhat obviously catering to the “Progressive” crowd, of the day – yet not going too crazy.

Pot-Ent (Polydor Germany 2482 027)

Side 1

The Who – Young Man Blues (from “Live At Leeds”)

Golden Earring – The Wall Of Dolls

Sabicas with Joe Beck – Inca Song

Steeplechase – Lady Bright

Ten Wheel Drive with Genya Ravan – Stay With Me

Eric Clapton – Let It Rain

Side 2

Eric Burdon and War – Tobacco Road

Sweet Thursday – The Dealer

Stone The Crows – Blind Man (first album!)

Armageddon – People Talking

Ginger Baker’s Airforce – Doin’ It

So, a fairly ordinary set of contents.  I never knew Steeplechase were produced by Eddie Kramer!  Or that Sweet Thursday was produced by Hugh Murphy (and originated by Tetragrammaton Records; weird cover shown, too).  And I guess this Armageddon is different than the British group – “People Talking” is written by “Frank Diez / M. Galatik” and the label is designated as Kuckkuck Records.

Inside the cover is all of the album covers of the material described above, and a sort of  catalogue of Polydor Records’ products of the day; I see stuff that I want to buy that isn’t represented on this LP (both are sampler LP’s – but are they colored vinyl?):

“Blues News” (Polydor Germany 109 577) (DM 10.-)

“Pop Sound 70” (Polydor Germany 2482 001) (DM 10.-)

Potent disc

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