The Coasters

Coasters on Rhino Handmade

4-29-13          The Coasters

Happy birthday to Carl Gardner of The Coasters (Born 1928) and Hugh Hopper (of The Soft Machine), born 1945.

Been following The Coasters for about 45 years or so.  For many years, I let their “Greatest Hits” take care of my Coasters needs, then I started finding their 45’s, which were usually something different from their 3 or 4 proper albums.  Rather than listing all of what I have, I’ll list what I am still in search of:

–         One Kiss Lead To Another / Brazil (Atco US 45-6073) 1956 (probably red 50’s Atco label?)

–         Shopping For Clothes / Wrap It Up (Atco US 45-6178) 1960, variant only with this particular B-side, if it actually exists (I have it with “The Snake & The Bookworm” on the B-Side)

–         P.T.A. / Bull Tick Waltz (Atco US 45-6251) 1963

–         Wild One / I Must Be Dreaming (Atco US 45-6321) 1964

–         Let’s Go Get Stoned / Money Honey (Atco US 45-6356) 1965

–         Crazy Baby / Bell Bottom Slacks (Atco US 45-6379) 1965

–         She’s A Yum Yum / Saturday Night Fish Fry (Atco US 45-6407) 1966

So, these 7 out of goodness knows how many Coasters 45’s are all I look for these days.  I will likely never ever see a copy of “Crazy Baby” for sale, as it sometimes gets lumped in with “Northern Soul” titles.  I know all the songs here, though.  “PTA” b/w “Bull Tick Waltz” are probably the weakest sides on this list, with the B-Side “Saturday Night Fish Fry” being the strongest (“Wild One” is a close second, for ‘strong title’).  I actually saw “One Kiss Lead To Another” up in Seattle, but it was too expensive ($20+?) – and fairly beat up.

Come to think of it, there must be an EP or two.  Likely wouldn’t have any interesting variants on songs, but maybe a nice sleeve?  And, yes, probably interested in foreign variants; I think I only have “Youngblood” b/w “Searchin’” on London UK 45rpm!

For someone really wanting to get the whole idea of The Coasters output on Atco Records, I recommend the CD boxed set “There’s A Riot Goin’ On – The Coasters on Atco” (Rhino Handmade) – it’s 4 discs that really have the neatest stuff, incl. stereo variants and even a few previously unreleased cuts, such as “Sexy” (with the couplet, “I never seen a sweater looking better”!).

So, can you help me?  Does your local ‘oldies’ store have any of the above Coasters 45’s?  Get in touch, and I am sure we can work something out, if you know where any of these Coasters 45’s are!

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