The Doors re-mastered

1-28-13          The Doors re-masters

Doors CD

January 27th:  Happy birthday, Nick Mason (of The Pink Floyd), born 1945.  On 1/27/73 The Sweet “Blockbuster” 45 and Slade “Slayed?” LP were No. 1 in England; on 1/28/78 Fleetwood Mac “Rumours” LP was No. 1 in England; 1/28/89 XTC “Mayor of Simpleton” 45 charts at No. 44 in England; on 1/26/80 John Foxx ”Underpass” 45 charts at No. 31 in England.  On 1/28/67 The Rolling Stones 45 “Ruby Tuesday” b/w “Let’s Spend The Night Together” charts at No. 3 in England.  Happy birthday, Robert Wyatt! (Born 1945).

Here’s an expensive ‘aesthetic’ call; 6 x Doors albums that matter are being re-done as multi-channel SA-CD’s.  Great!  But…but…I already have them as multi-channel DVD-A’s!  And the SA-CD’s cost about 3 times as much as the DVD-A’s cost.

I prefer SA-CD’s over DVD-A’s, too.  Well, for one thing: you don’t have to wade through an on-screen menu with an SA-CD!

But, y’know, The Doors are a group that I like.  I have real original LP’s of all of their initial releases; I’m working on finding all of the original 45’s, too – I’m not there yet.  I already passed on a Japanese SA-CD of the debut album, at the time, I was thinking: I’ve got an original LP, a newly mastered CD and a DVD-A of this album.  The Japanese SA-CD would’ve cost over $35.  Not as issue, the price – but – at what point is it superfluous overkill?

For my digital Doors, I continue to keep the Paul A. Rothchild mastered CD’s; I got the “Perception” CD + DVD-A boxed set.  My analogue Doors collection is ‘good’, well taken care of.  I ought to be able to close the door on this one, eh?  No, never bothered with Japanese paper sleeve CD’s, though I suppose I could try and find a set of ‘em.

Yes, I am committed to the SA-CD format, and I’m glad that Analogue Productions is stepping up and cranking them out.  But, I’d rather they do titles that I don’t already have as multi-channel DVD-A’s!

And because all of ‘em are multi-channel, it’s not like I could have an issue with:  It’s a multi-channel disc, so I can’t make a computer (or analogue) copy, if necessary.  The “Perception” boxed set also came with newly mastered CD’s.  And if I don’t like the sound of the newer mastering, I can go back to my original LP’s, which do sound amazing.

The Analogue Productions SA-CD boxed set of 6 is $279.99; $46 a disc?  I’m used to SA-CD’s being $29.99, like all of the recent Mobile Fidelity titles (Bob Dylan & The Band “Basement Tapes”, anyone?).

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1 Response to The Doors re-mastered

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    They’re not priced for you, Ron. They’re for hedge fund managers who want to relive their “wild youth.”

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