1-29-13          Indochine


On 1/29/66 the Bob Dylan 45 “Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?” charts at No. 17 in England.  On 1/29/72 George Harrison / V.A. “Concert For Bangla Desh” 3LP boxed set was No. 1 in England.  Happy birthday, David Byron (singer of Uriah Heep), born 1947.  Happy birthday Derek Bailey (British improvisational guitarist), born 1930.

Sometimes thought of as the “French Duran Duran”, I always found this wonderful French band to be a bit more than that.

CD                3                                                                                   ARIOLA FR     610.477

1985 9 TRKS

7″                 3e SEXE / TROIS NUITS PAR SEMAINE (PS)     ARIOLA FR     107.54

1985 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

CD                7000 DANSES                                                          ARIOLA FR     258.459

1987 9 TRKS

LP                7000 DANSES                                                          ARIOLA FR     208.459

1987 9 TRKS

CD                BIRTHDAY ALBUM, THE (1981 – 1991)               ARIOLA CAN  BMGQCD-819

1991 19 TRK Collection

CD                DANS LA LUNE…                                                     MCA CAN        TFD-8961

1992 11 TRKS Nicola Sirkis (singer) solo album

CD5              DES FLEURS POUR SALINGER                          ARIOLA FR     663.339

1990 3 TRK CD Single CD5

CD                INDOCHINE AU ZENITH                                         ARIOLA FR     257.863

1986 13 TRKS Live  (2 x bonus tracks)

LP                INDOCHINE AU ZENITH                                         ARIOLA IT       207.715

1986 11 TRKS Live

CD                L’AVENTURIER                                                         ARIOLA FR     251.959

1982 7 TRK CD EP

CD                LE BAISER                                                                 ARIOLA FR     260.358

1990 11 TRKS

CD                LE PERIL JAUNE                                                     ARIOLA FR     610.218

1983 11 TRKS

LP                LE PERIL JAUNE                                                     ARIOLA FR     201.963

1983 11 TRKS

As my friends will attest, I went wild for French popular music in the 1980’s.  I brought LP’s back from visits to France, I trudged up to West Los Angeles to buy expensive CD’s from “La Cite”, the French bookstore that used to exist in Los Angeles.  When we got the satellite about 1985, I busily air-checked Much Music and Musique Plus up in Canada, for French pop music videos.

We struck gold about 1987, with their amazing album “7000 Danses”.  “Les Tzars” was a great single, and it had an amusing video clip, too!

So, for the last 25 years, I’ve bought everything that I could find with the name Indochine on it.  Yes, I bought a SECAM format VHS longform music video; I don’t think anything I own at present will play a SECAM tape, drat!  Yes, I probably passed on uber-expensive Indochine titles I saw in Tokyo.  They have an SA-CD that I’d sure like to find, for “The Birthday Album”, their greatest hits (I wonder if it’s multi-channel?).

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