Neil Young

11-12-12        Neil Young

Neil Young born 1945; Booker T. Jones born 1944; on 11-11-72 Gilbert O’Sullivan “Clair” 45 was No. 1 in England; on 11-12-77 The Sex Pistols “Never Mind The Bullocks” LP was No. 1 in England; 11-10-84 Frankie Goes To Hollywood “Welcome To The Pleasure Dome” 2LP set was No. 1 in England.

Happy birthday, Neil!

As a youngster, I enjoyed Crosby Stills, Nash & Young, and the odd Neil Young LP.  To be honest, when “Heart Of Gold” got to be such a big hit, it seemed like Neil fell into the category:  “Too Popular – Somebody Else’s Concern”…as far as I was concerned.

I especially enjoy his work with Buffalo Springfield and his ’70 solo album “After The Goldrush”, which I generally think is thought of well.  I don’t have a huge Neil Young collection, but I have tried some of his more recent works; do any of his latter day releases have actual 5.1 mixes included?

The boxed set is amusing; are there meant to be additional volumes issued (as the only one so far is Vol. 1)?

LP                NEIL YOUNG (1969)                                                                   REPRISE US     RS 6317

1969 10 TRKS (RE-1) 1st; 2nd cover

CD                NEIL YOUNG (1969)                                                                   REPRISE CAN  CD 6317

1969 10 TRKS 1st solo album

CD                EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS IS NOWHERE                            REPRISE JPN   20P2-2102

1969 7 TRKS (’88 issue)

LP                EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS IS NOWHERE                            REPRISE US     RS 6349

1969? 7 TRKS 2nd

7″                 CINNAMON GIRL / SUGAR MOUNTAIN                                  REPRISE US     911

1970? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

CD                AFTER THE GOLDRUSH                                                           REPRISE US     2283.2

1970 11 TRKS 3rd

LP                AFTER THE GOLDRUSH                                                           REPRISE US     RS 6383

1970 11 TRKS poster, 3rd

CD                HARVEST                                                                                      REPRISE US     2277.2

1972 10 TRKS 4th

LP                HARVEST                                                                                      REPRISE US     MS 2032

1972 10 TRKS insert, 4th

7″                 HEART OF GOLD / SUGAR MOUNTAIN                                  REPRISE US     REP 1065

1972 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″                 WAR SONG / NEEDLE AND THE DAMAGE DONE, THE     REPRISE US     REP 1099

1972 2 TRKS no pic sleeve; with Graham Nash

CD                DECADE (Disc #1 only)                                                              REPRISE CAN  CD 2557

1977 16 TRK Collection, Disc #1 only

7″                 THIS NOTE’S FOR YOU (PS)                                                     REPRISE US     7-27848

1988 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″                 ROCKIN’ IN THE FREE WORLD (PS)                                      REPRISE US     7-22776

1989 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

CD                MIRROR BALL                                                                              REPRISE US     45934.2

1995 11 TRKS paper cover

CD                GREENDALE (CD + DVD)                                                          REPRISE US     48699.2

2004 10 TRKS + DVD “Inside Greendale”

CD                PRARIE WIND (CD + DVD)                                                        REPRISE US     49494.2

2005 10 TRKS + DVD advanced resolution audio

CD                LIVING WITH WAR                                                                       REPRISE US     44335.2

2006 10 TRKS

CD                CHROME DREAMS II                                                                  REPRISE US     311932.2

2007 10 TRKS HDCD

CDx8           ARCHIVES Vol. 1 (8CD boxed set)                                           REPRISE US     175292.2

2009 126 TRKS CDx8 boxed set

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2 Responses to Neil Young

  1. Brian Ware says:

    I always had plenty of time for CSNY and Neil Young in my youth. Other than “For What It’s Worth”, I wasn’t all over the Buffalo Springfield at the time, and appreciated them much more as I got older. Loved the first Neil Young solo album, and stayed a fan through “Harvest”. Saw him on that tour with an unknown Linda Ronstadt opening. Totally lost interest after that, as all that prog rock needed my attention.

  2. postpunkmonk says:

    Neil Young bio “Shakey” by Jimmy McDonough is a hefty 785 pages of perfection. It covers Young’s life from birth until the time of publication 2003 without ever succumbing to Biography Time Dilation Effect®. In other words, the narrative structure treats all periods of the subject’s life with equal scrutiny. Thus obviating my main beef with the biography form, especially in regard to musicians, where times of initial rise to fame and the first taste of commercial success are covered in detail and the parts I may be interested in most [times of being commercially adrift, yet producing work I champion] are barely touched upon or worse. The result is an assiduously even handed picture of the subject.

    The only other rock bio [and it was an autobio] I’ve ever read that comes close to matching “Shakey” in even-handed coverage was Andy Summer’s excellent autobio, “One train Later: A Memoir,” which covered his life from birth to the final split of The Police in 1985. It covered every phase of his life equally, though it stopped short of even covering anything he did between The Police splitting up on top and their decades later moneyspinning reformation tour. It would have been nice to get some insight into the ’85-’07 years, but I can’t fault what did make the book. Every other bio annoys me with gratuitous BTDE®. The recent John Taylor autiobio is a particularly bad offender in this regard.

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