FZ on DVD #1

11-13-12        FZ on DVD #1

Idris Muhammad born 1939; Terry Reid born 1949; on 11-13-71 Rod Stewart “Every Picture Tells A Story” LP is No. 1 in England; on 11-13-76 Led Zeppelin’s live album “The Song Remains The Same” 2LP set was No. 1 in England; 11-13-82 XTC “Waxworks – Some Singles 1977-82” (best of) LP charts at No. 54 in England.

Since I have 6 x legit DVD’s on Frank Zappa, I figured I’d better watch ‘em all – check out if any have 5.1 audio etc.

First up is “Classic Albums” (2007), from a British TV series, covering “Apostrophe (‘) / Overnite Sensation”, which is an “authorized” documentary, made with his music and interviews with family members etc.  Generally, I try and stay away from anything that isn’t authorized.  Documentary itself is under an hour, and bonus material brings this DVD up to approx. 97 minutes.  Stereo audio only.

Among the bonus performances is “Montana” (from The Roxy ’73) and “I’m The Slime” (from SNL ’76).  There’s also quite a bit of Dweezil Zappa sitting in a control room with vaultmeister Joe Travers, breaking down what’s actually on the multitrack tapes – with stereo audio!  So, that’s kinda neat.  I understand they’re going to release some Roxy footage this year (or next year?) – finally.

Interviews with Ruth Underwood, Ian Underwood, George Duke, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Warren Cucurillo, Steve Vai, Ralph Humphrey, Kerry McNabb, Billy Bob Thornton (?), Alice Cooper etc.  They even went and found David McMacken, who designed the cover for “Overnite Sensation”!

At the time, I was a bit luke-warm on “Overnite Sensation” (1973); I remember thinking that the LP I had didn’t sound all that good – which it may not have, largely due to the (U.S.) pressing.  I was more on-board for “Apostrophe (‘)” (1974), which sounded like a million bucks, and sounded even better, once I started to get foreign pressings of LP’s.

The correct audio mix of “Apostrophe” has been on CD for quite some time, on the Rykodisc gold disc of this title.  Mercifully, it has been re-released recently (2012) on Universal / Zappa, again with the correct mix.  The Rykodisc versions of “Overnite Sensation” all sounded pretty weird – with lots of digital reverb; I am happy to report that the new Universal / Zappa CD is mastered from the analogue “master tape”, and sounds pretty good, much better than the Rykodisc CD’s.

The people who made this documentary know how to make an interesting documentary; I’ve watched a lot of the discs in this series (most of which were first broadcast on British TV).  This DVD is recommended to fans of this music, but also to people who like watching documentaries about rock music, in general.

So, thumbs up.

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