Bee Gees

5-13-13          Bee Gees

On 5/13/67 The Bee Gees 45 “New York Mining Disaster 1941” charts at No. 12 in England.  5/10/80 Magazine “The Correct Use of Soap” LP charts at No. 28 in England.

46 years hence, this is still a hip Bee Gees 45!  For the US, they had a great run of singles in the 60’s:

NEW YORK MINING DISASTER 1941                                                            ATCO US       45-6487

TO LOVE SOMEBODY / CLOSE ANOTHER DOOR                                      ATCO US       45-6503

HOLIDAY / EVERY CHRISTIAN LION HEARTED MAN…                             ATCO US       45-6521

MASSACHUSETTS / SIR GEOFFREY SAVED THE WORLD                      ATCO US       45-6532

WORDS / SINKING SHIPS                                                                                ATCO US       45-6548

JUMBO / SINGER SANG HIS SONG                                                               ATCO US       45-6570

I’VE GOTTA GET A MESSAGE TO YOU / KITTY CAN                                    ATCO US       45-6603

I STARTED A JOKE / KILBURN TOWERS                                                      ATCO US       45-6639

FIRST OF MAY / LAMPLIGHT                                                                            ATCO US       45-6657

TOMORROW TOMORROW / SUN IN MY MORNING                                    ATCO US       45-6682

Of course, they had a set of 45’s from Australia that totally pre-date this set!  But that secret’s almost ‘secret’; as much as it is history!  Check it out sometime when you think you know everything about pop music!  Is it Bee Gees or Beegees or Barry Gibb’s Bee gees?

There’s a disparity between the US & UK singles, of course.  And “Words” wasn’t on an LP – at the time (nor was “Sir Geoffrey Saved The World”!).  And the US LP’s are different, too – album #2 (“Horizontal”) and album #3 (“Idea”) both had different covers between the countries.  Do you have a red crushed velour cover on your copy of “Odessa”?

In England there were 3 volumes of “Rare, Precious & Beautiful”, but the US only ever got the first 2 volumes – of their “Australian” pre-England singles / album tracks.  I think it was common knowledge that “Spicks and Specks” had been a big single elsewhere in the world, but not in the US.

Funny, but I don’t remember The Bee Gees ever playing a concert here, until much, much later on.  Surely they must’ve?!?

After the above 45’s, you get the splintering of the group – Robin Gibb tries a solo career, then comes back to the fold.  The Bee Gees albums when it’s just 2 of them is kinda sad; but they’re still great albums, things like “Cucumber Castle”!

But you NEED the album known as “Bee Gees First”; it’s got 14 songs, mellotron and the exact sound of 1967.  I remember the debate as to whether or not the Bee Gees knew The Beatles – they certainly sounded a bit like them!  While you’re at it, get the 2CD Deluxe version as released by Reprise Records a few years back; I think they are still around, in stores.  Or any old LP will do, too!

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