Bob Dylan

5-24-12          Bob Dylan

Singer / Songwriter Bob Dylan born 1941, singer Roseanne Cash born 1955; Lost Time Is Not Found Again.

It’s Bob Dylan’s birthday today!  He’s 71-years-old today!

I’ve been a fan ever since “Like A Rolling Stone” first hit the racks.  A 6 minute 45, too!

You can buy all of his albums, and still not have the whole story.  There are some boxed sets and latter day titles that I wish to recommend to you today.

CDx3           BIOGRAPH (3CD boxed set) (Collection)                 COLUMBIA US    C3K 65298

1985 53 TRK Collection, boxed set

LPx5            BIOGRAPH (5LP boxed set) (Collection)                  CBS NL                CBS 66509

1985 53 TRK Collection, boxed set

CDx3           BOOTLEG SERIES, Vols. 1 – 3 (3CD boxed set)     COLUMBIA US    C3K 65302

1991 58 TRK Collection ’61 – ’91 recordings

CDx2           LIVE 1966 (Bootleg Series No. 4)                              COLUMBIA US    C2K 65759

1998 15 TRKS Live, Manchester, England 5/66

CDx2           ESSENTIAL                                                                     COLUMBIA US    C2K 85168

2000 30 TRK Collection

CDx6           CHRONICLES Vol. 1 (6CD boxed set)                      S&S AUDIO US   2995

2004 6 CD Set, read by Sean Penn

CDx2           NO DIRECTION HOME (Bootleg Series No. 7)       COLUMBIA US    C2K 93937

2005 28 TRKS collection (mostly 60’s recordings)

DVD             NO DIRECTION HOME (Film)                                     PARAMOUNT      3105

2005 5.1 Surround audio

Both “Biograph” and “Bootleg Series Vols. 1 – 3” have charming and wonderful previously un-re-released stuff – lots of groovy 60’s material!  The “Live 1966” title is astonishing; an excellent recording of Bob with the Band on stage – interactions with the audience etc.  The “Essential” collection is really for someone who doesn’t want to own too many Bob Dylan CD’s – this is a 2CD set and it pretty much cover the whole enchilada, up to anno 2000.

The audio book of ”Chronicles” is read by Sean Penn, but – the stories are fascinating.

The 2CD / DVD of “No Direction Home” are great.  2CD set has loads of previously unreleased 60’s out-takes and the DVD is fantastic viewing, with 5.1 audio – no less.  I put it on once, thinking I would watch the first hour only – then watched the entire show – and I was awake until 2:00am on a work night!

Bob is still alive, folks.  Let’s give him his proper due.  Check out one of these latter day collections and see if you don’t agree.  In any event, get a 2CD set of “The Basement Tapes” and wonder aloud how the f*ck that ever got released.  It’s wonderful!

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