Strange Days Magazine – List #2


Strange Days Magazine – List #2

Here’s Part 2 of yesterday’s List – 1972 to 1976 – “The 100 Best Mini-LP CD’s” – of which I own:

  1. David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust

11.    King Crimson – Red

18.     T. Rex – The Slider

22.    King Crimson – Larks’ Tongues In Aspic

24.  Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Brain Salad Surgery

25.  Roxy Music – Roxy Music (Debut)

39.  Hatfield & The North – Hatfield & The North (Debut)

40.  Procol Harum – Grand Hotel

41.  Santana – Lotus

43.  Brian Eno – Here Come The Warm Jets

45.  David Bowie – Aladdin Sane

55.  Focus – Hamburger Concerto

75.  Steve Hillage – Fish Rising

79.  Robert Wyatt – Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard

86.  Khan – Space Shanty

91.  Brian Eno – Discreet Music

So, not quite as many as yesterday.  Only 16 out of 100 titles.  And same as yesterday – I own many more LP’s & CD’s on this list, but the ones listed here are the ones I own as Japanese Mini-LP CD’s.

Of course, I have a “Want List” of titles that I am looking for in this format variant.  It’s your typical Ron Kane kind of list:

The Frank Zappa titles that I’m missing, Beggar’s Opera “Waters Of Change”, Bob Dylan “Self Portrait”, Celeste – Celeste (Debut), The Damned “Strawberries”, Earth & Fire “Atlantis”, Edgar Froese “Epsilon In Malaysian Pale”, Gentle Giant “Octopus”, Giles Giles & Fripp “The Cheerful Insanity Of”, The Incredible String Band “Be Glad For The Song Has No Ending”, Jethro Tull “Benefit”, Juicy Lucy “Lie Back and Enjoy It”, Klaus Schulze “Cyborg”, Latte E Miele “Acquile E Scoiattoli”, Osanna “Milano Calibro 9”, Paul McCartney – Paul McCartney (Debut), Peter Banks “The Two Sides Of”, P-Model “In A Model Room”, Procol Harum “In Concert”, Pulsar “Strands Of The Future”, The Rolling Stones “No. 2”, The Soft Machine “Volume Two”, Spring – Spring (Debut), Steve Hackett “Spectral Mornings”, Still Life – Still Life (Debut), Syd Barrett “Barrett”, T. Rex “Electric Warrior”, Uno – Uno (Debut), Web “I, Spider” and The Who “Odds and Sods”.

Got any of these for sale as Japanese mini-LP sleeve CD’s?  Get in touch!

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1 Response to Strange Days Magazine – List #2

  1. Fane Flaws says:

    Ron – I lost contact with you and now I have found you ! How are you doing man?
    I have the old Band back together (Flaws, Dasent, Backhouse) – we are called The Living Hamsters and are making an album. send me yr email and I will stay in touch – hope you are well and happy -XXFane
    THE LIVING HAMSTERS – Permanent Battle –
    THE LIVING HAMSTERS – Guys With Rows Of Pens –
    THE LIVING HAMSTERS – All In My Head –

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