P-Model / Susumu Hirasawa

9-2-10             P-Model / Susumu Hirasawa

CD ANOTHER GAME                                  JAPAN RECORD     TKCA-70480

1984 12 TRKS

CD BIG BODY                                              POLYDOR JPN        POCH-1195

1993 10 TRKS

CD ENOLA                                                    TESLAKITE JPN      COCA-14673

1997 11 TRKS with plastic slip-case

CD FUNE                                                      NIPPON COL JPN   COCA-13083

1995 11 TRKS CD-only release?

CD IN A MODEL ROOM                              WARNER JPN          WPCL-603

1979 11 TRKS

LP IN A MODEL ROOM                              WARNER JPN          K-10017

1979 11 TRKS insert; pink vinyl

CD KARKADOR                                           ALFA JPN                  ALCA-9134

1985 10 TRKS

CD LANDSALE                                            WARNER JPN          WPCL-604

1980 12 TRKS

CD LIVE                                                         DIW JP                       SYUN-003

1994 10 TRKS Live

LP ONE PATTERN                                     ALFA/EDGE JP         ELR-28004

1986 10 TRKS insert

CD PAUSE – P-MODEL LIVE 10/11/93    DIW JP                       SYUN-002

1994 17 TRKS Live ’93

CD PERSPECTIVE                                     JAPAN RECORD     TKCA-70479

1982 9 TRKS

CD P-MODEL                                               POLYDOR JPN        POCH-1128

1992 11 TRKS

CD POTPOURRI                                         WARNER JPN          WPCL-605

1981 13 TRKS

CD5 ROCKET SHOOT                                 TESLAKITE JPN      COCA-13848

1996 3 TRK CD Single CD5; enhanced CD

CD SIREN                                                     TESLAKITE JPN      COCA-13571

1996 11 TRKS, Susumu Hirasawa solo CD

I probably got on the P-Model bandwagon about 1980 or so – same time as Y.M.O. made the rounds.  P-Model sounded live Devo, like ‘punk rock’ – they played fast, and had synthesizers a-plenty (The classic ‘pika pika’ sound, as Nick Kent says).  The “In A Model Room” LP really made us laugh – even though we couldn’t understand (almost) any of the lyrics.  Everything on Side One sounds like A+ new wave music – but I distinctly remember “White Cigarettes” from Side Two!  (Did I really ask someone in a Japanese restaurant to translate P-Model lyrics once upon a time?)

The next one that really kicked my butt was “Karkador” – P-Model were making an album annually, and their sound was changing, mutating.  “Karkador” was pretty obtuse, even by 1985 standards.  1982’s “Perspective” decidedly sounds like 80’s King Crimson!

I buy as much stuff as I can ever find by both P-Model and it’s leader, Susumu Hirasawa.  My friend Nick Kent has a great website, with lots of stuff about them in English:


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