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Last blog of 2011

12-29-11                Last blog of 2011 Back on Monday 1-9-12 with “Time Machine 1972”!  My old friend Rick Snyder has more or less always told me that he feels 1972 is one of the best years for recorded music.  I certainly … Continue reading

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200 Blogs on WordPress (already)

5-24-11 – 200 Blogs on WordPress (already) + Gutbucket + Pink Floyd SA-CD Hard to believe it, but according to WordPress, I’ve already submitted 200 blogs to be published (with this one today). Seems like only recently that WordPress was … Continue reading

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2011…it goes to ’11!

Welcome to 2011.  Do not panic.  The white zone is for the immediate loading and unloading of passengers only – no parking!  This is the Central Scrutinizer.  

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Christmas Memories

12-24-10 “Christmas Memories” Here’s a few chestnuts for Christmas…likely Xmas 1970, there were some records that I wanted, but…too expensive to just ask my dad for ‘em.  Notably George Harrison “All Things Must Pass” – it hovered around the $9 … Continue reading

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Preparing for a trip…

12-23-10 Preparing for a trip… Lately, I have been preparing for a trip.  That’s right, after Xmas, we will drive up to San Francisco for a week’s visit.  Preparation for a trip includes making various artists CD’s that nobody will … Continue reading

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Rocktober – Coming Right Up!

9-30-10 Rocktober – Coming Right Up! In the month of October, 2010 – I am again going to try to answer some proposed questions from regular reader Jim Donato.  I always ask Jim-san for suggestions – and he readily provides … Continue reading

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