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Pot-Ent (1972)

6-19-13          Pot-Ent (1972) On 6/19/71, the LP “Tapestry” by Carole King charts at No. 1 in the US. This is a delightful German sampler LP from approx. 1972.  I’ve owned it since at least the end of the 70’s.  Unlike … Continue reading

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Edgar Froese

6-6-12             Edgar Froese Tangerine Dream leader Edgar Froese born 1944, jazz guitarist Grant Green born 1931; I own music by both (Edgar). I remember hearing Tangerine Dream being spoken about, long before I ever heard them.  Synthesizer music was coming … Continue reading

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Fall, 1979

12-9-11 Fall, 1979 I flew to England by myself in the fall of 1979.  I was going to meet up with Cameron Hand in Paris, at a pre-determined date – in a couple of days.  The hotel that I had … Continue reading

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Irmin Schmidt

10-13-11              Irmin Schmidt The keyboard player of Can. LP                TOY PLANET (with Bruno Spoerri)                                                SPOON DE       SPOON 011 1980 7 TRKS CD                TOY PLANET (with Bruno Spoerri)                                                VIRGIN VE UK  CDVE 48 1980 7 TRKS (’90 issue) LP                FILMMUSIK Vol. … Continue reading

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Faust IV

7-19-11 Faust IV I recently bought a new edition of “Faust IV” – one of my favorite junior high school records.  I got the original almost as soon as it was released and imported to the US (December ’73?).  Faust … Continue reading

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3-15-11 Propaganda I recently found a neat Propaganda 12” single at a swap meet – and it got me thinking about this wonderful German band again.  Many years ago, I met Andreas Thein, here in Los Angeles – at a … Continue reading

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