Smash Hits (Vol. 2, No. 12)

6-12-13                     Smash Hits (Vol. 2, No. 12) June 12 – 25th, 1980

SH 800612

The singer of Roxy Music on the cover!  OMD in the colour centerfold.  Lyrics for “Christine” by Siouxsie & The Banshees.  Roxy Music: “Stronger through the years”.  Joe Jackson goes reggae with “The Harder They Come”.  Eddie Tenpole of Tenpole Tudor’s #1 in his Top 10 is The Rolling Stones “Get Off Of My Cloud”.  Squeeze: “It’s tough in the middle.”  Full page advertisement for the new Queen single, “Play The Game”.  Full page advertisement for Ultravox “Three Into One – the LP John Foxx objected to!  Request Spot:  Ultravox “The Man Who Dies Every Day” lyrics (and a snappy photo).  U2:  “Another Irish import”.


Pink Military – “Do Animals Believe In God?” (Erics Records)

Athletico Spizz 80 – “No Room” (Rough Trade Records)

The Stranglers – “Who Wants The World” (United Artists Records)

John Cooper Clarke – “The It Man” (Epic Records)

Basement 5 – “Silicone Chip” (Island Records)


Grace Jones – “Warm Leatherette” (Island Records)

Peter Gabriel – III (AKA “Peter Gabriel”) (Charisma Records)

Roxy Music – “Flesh and Blood” (EG / Polydor Records)

Funny, I remember the Pink Military 45 as being “Did You See Her?”.  In only a short while, Athletico Spizz 80 would transmogrify into The Spizzles – this 45 was nothin’ special.  The Stranglers were changing, too.  Odd that JCC made singles; his type of delivery worked better on an LP.

Wasn’t Basement 5 a group that had somebody (non-musician) famous in it?  Not quite reggae, but with ‘reggae elements’?  I kept their LP + 10“ (and CD!).

Grace Jones became much more important when her next album, “Nightclubbing”, came along in another year or so.  I never ‘got’ Peter Gabriel’s solo career until many years after the fact.  I never particularly cared for “Games Without Frontiers”; I have it in 5.1 on a DVD.  Sure would like to stumble across an SA-CD of PG3!  One day, I should probably listen to this Roxy Music album.  I’m pretty sure I have both an LP & CD of it – in the vault.  I recently watched a Phil Manzanera documentary, and the Roxy Music stuff looked pretty good, all the way up to the re-formation tour of 2001.

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Glastonbury Fayre (3LP)

Glastonbury Fayre 3LP Set

6-11-13          Glastonbury Fayre (3LP)

On 6/11/66 the Yardbirds 45 “Over Under Sideways Down” charts at No. 10 in England.

Once upon a time, oddball various artist LP’s found their way from England to the end of the rock A-Z, under “Various Artists”.  The original “Glastonbury Fayre” triple LP, on the Revelations label – was one such triple LP of “Various Artists”.  It didn’t take a genius to figure out that this was a pretty decent album set, for 1972!  Track listing:

Side 1

The Grateful Dead – Dark Star (Recorded live, Empire Pool Wembley, 4/8/72) – there are copies of this 3LP set that replace The Grateful Dead with Welsh band “Man”!

Side 2

Brinsley Schwarz – Love Song (composed by Nick Lowe) studio recording

Mighty Baby – A Blanket In My Muesli (Live at the 1971 Glastonbury Fayre)

Side 3

Marc Bolan – Sunken Rags (Recorded at Marc’s home, different version to any other that I’ve ever heard)

Pete Townshend – Classified (Recorded at Pete’s home, not the same as appeared on the “Scoop” series, unless I am mistaken)

David Bowie – Supermen (Recorded at Trident studio) – a completely different version than I’ve heard elsewhere!  Amusingly, the liner notes say “The live tape recorded at Glastonbury will remain our vaults until the revolution”!  You don’t own this and you call yourself a Ziggy Stardust fan?

Hawkwind – Silver Machine / Welcome (Recorded at the Roundhouse, 2/13/72 – again, a totally different version than I’ve heard anywhere else!)

Skin Alley – Sun Music (Recorded at Trident studio – re-recorded for their 3rd album, “Two Quid Deal” in 1972/3) A great track!

Side 4

Daevid Allen and Gong – Glad Stoned Buried Fielding Flash and Fresh Fest Footprints In My Memory… (“Thanks to Byg Records”!) – and this whole LP side never saw the light of day elsewhere!  This LP side was the motivator for purchase!

Side 5

The Pink Fairies – Uncle Harry’s Last Freak Out

The Pink Fairies – Do it (both tracks recorded Live at the 1971 Glastonbury Fayre)

Side 6

The Edgar Broughton Band – Out Demons Out (Live at the 1971 Glastonbury Fayre)

Sadly, I do not remember what this 3LP cost as a new release, but I think I paid about 8 – 10 dollars for it, in the 70’s aftermarket, probably at the Capitol Records parking lot swap meet.

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Skin Alley

6-10-13          Skin Alley

Skin Alley

On 6/10/67 the Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich 45 “Okay” charts at No. 13 in England.  On 6/7/80 the Siouxsie & The Banshees “Christine” 45 charts at No. 22 in England. 6/9/79 Tubeway Army “Replicas” LP is No. 1 in England.  On 6/10/67, the LP “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” by The Beatles was No. 1 in England.

I got the Skin Alley LP’s when they came out – or, rather – when they were imported to the US.  I don’t remember which one I got first, but the one I was impressed with was “To Pagham and Beyond” (CBS UK LP) – a quick discography:

LP                SKIN ALLEY (1969)                     CBS UK                           63847               1969 9 TRKS 1st, produced by Dick Taylor (The Pretty Things guy?)

LP                SKINTIGHT                                   TRANSATLANTIC UK   TRA 273           1973 10 TRKS 4th

CD                TO PAGHAM AND BEYOND…   ECLECTIC UK               ECLCD 1042  1970 6 TRKS (’06 issue)

LP                TO PAGHAM AND BEYOND…   CBS UK                           64140               1970 6 TRKS 2nd, produced by Fritz Fryer

LP                TWO QUID DEAL                         STAX US                          STS-3013        1973 9 TRKS 3rd, produced by Fritz Fryer (a Transatlantic UK ‘in house’ producer)

Alas, there are 4 x British 45’s, but I have never seen one!

The first 3 albums are more or less straightforward British progressive rock, of the era – yes, a mellotron is involved.  Managed by Clearwater Productions, the same people that did the debut Hawkwind LP!

As far as I know, only their 3rd album was released in the US.  I’ve kept my eyes open fro a UK Transatlantic copy, but one never crossed my path in 40 or so years.  That being said, I played the US LP on 6/6/13 – and – with a perfect copy – it sounded great!  I guess someone at Stax Records was thinking about British rock music, in 1973!

Skin Alley has a Polish member of the group, KrzysztofHenryk Juszkiewicz – let’s face it, not many Eastern European members in British bands of that – or any other era!  He’s a pretty snappy keyboard player, I must say!

The 4th and final album has a more commercial sound – it’s definitely not prog rock – oh well, I have a nice UK copy of it!

Unless I am mistaken, Skin Alley had a song on the massive “Glastonbury Fayre” Revelations UK triple LP!  I just went and got my copy of it, yep, it’s there on Side 2 – that must’ve been the first thing I heard by Skin Alley! (“Sun Music”, re-recorded for inclusion on their 3rd album, “Two Quid Deal”).

The Glastonbury Fayre triple LP should have it’s own blog day – with mention of all the illustrious “contributors”!  Watch this space!

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The Grumbleweeds


I read that Graham Walker passed away; I’ve owned this LP by The Grumbleweeds since 1979!  BBC REH 372


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6-6-13             Quiet

On 6/8/68 the Donovan 45 “Hurdy Gurdy Man” charts at No. 4 in England.  On 6/7/69 The Beatles 45 “The Ballad of John and Yoko” charts at No. 1 in England.  On 6/6/70 the Mungo Jerry 45 “In The Summertime” charts at No. 1 in England, for it’s first run up the charts.

Sometimes, I like to keep it quiet in my home.  Since getting the new TV (that hurt my left bicep) and Blu-ray player – there hasn’t been a stereo in the room where the TV is since January.  I’ll need to get a new amplifier for the room, as my old Sony board seems to have bitten the proverbial big one.

My small stereo in the den is really the only one working in my home at present; I bought a phono pre-amp for it, and moved my turntable down here.  I don’t sit and listen; usually, when I’m in my own den, I write stuff, look at the internet, do laundry etc.  I’ve been known to play 45’s in here…

But I am becoming very attuned to the sound of my home; I suspect if there was even a semi-loud noise – it would wake me up (if I were asleep).  It’s too much house for me – with a large front and back yard.  The ivy needs trimming etc.

So, after a day of work where I am sometimes browbeaten, I love to come home to… to paraphrase Paul Simon, the sounds of silence.  Yes, whne there’s no music, I can hear the clothes drying, the dishwasher hard at work, the sound of the hose in the side yard etc.

But I do still get excited about music.  That batch of 45’s that came my way last April was absolutely astonishing!  Can’t wait to get more 45’s!  I’m even going to “print my book” and take it with me, when visiting Portland, OR later this summer.  And S.F. etc.

I am lucky – nobody wants to play the FM radio at work.  I got so tired of the same 125 songs on the oldies radio that used to be played incessantly in my home – now I never have to hear any of those songs, unless I want to!

Strange, but I really do listen to quite a bit in my Suzuki!  The high end is fairly crisp, for a car; and I’ve heard some bass in the car that I never heard in my home.  Just as, there are sounds on vinyl that will never easily translate to “being in the car” – though I used to think so, when I had an MD player in the car.

When I got a Samsung Tablet a few months back, I put some MP3’s of some favorite music on there, and then proceeded to never play it!  I even got a nice, new colorful set of headphones!

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Rolling Stones – Crossfire Hurricane

6-5-13                         Rolling Stones – “Crossfire Hurricane”

Crossfire Hurricane

I recently got this new Rolling Stones documentary film as a Blu-ray disc; I actually paid for it, from a retailer – on sale, as a new release.  Yes, it’s re-told through hazy rose colored glasses as worn by Mick, Keith, Charlie & Mr. Wood on the eve of their 50th anniversary, as a band.  Not that Brian Jones and Bill Wyman aren’t represented – they definitely are.  It’s a decent length (147m), and the bonus features are actually worth watching – UK & Euro TV appearances from 1964 and 1965.  Didn’t get an opportunity to watch this film on a 5.1 set-up, but I bet it sounds great.

The editing is very 2013 / modern, lots of quick cuts, “mistakes” intentionally left in, very funny visuals and audio – pretty much everything one might think of / suspect was going on.  They’re not shy about discussing Keith’s assorted proclivities.  One actually gets to see Andrew Loog Oldham and Brian Jones in action!

It’s very fun to see the present day band performing; I missed the current tour, but did see some of the hullabaloo on the streets of Los Angeles (news vans, reporters parked outside of the tiny club that they did their warm-up show) – especially compared with the snotty young men, who dominate this documentary.

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Rolling Stone Encyclopedia (1983)

6-4-13                         The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll (1983)

1983 EncyclopediaOver the next year or two, I will be quoting stuff from this book; usually designated by (RSE = Rolling Stone Encyclopedia).  There’s some neat information in this book – but also some sloppy editing; when they didn’t like someone or didn’t feel like checking, they often went for the low road:  Rod Stewart is from London (He’s actually Scottish) etc.  Lots of obscure (and not so obscure) rock & roll birthdays!

No idea if they checked their own research, like Lilian Roxon (who I will designate as LR).  Her fabulous 1969 book, “Rock Encyclopedia” is astonishing; I have no doubt she wrote every word of it (apart from quoting song titles and album titles).  Of course, in 1969, there weren’t any mentions of Can etc.  Getting artist’s birthdays wasn’t her strong suit.


Did anybody reading this ever get an RCA LP by Random Hold, ostensibly titled “Burn The Buildings” (1981, RCA Records, England)?  I certainly never saw a copy.

Also never saw the LP by Ken Elliott, the keyboard player of Seventh Wave and Second Hand, “Body Music” (RCA UK PL 25262, 1979) – got one to sell me?

I’m also looking for 2 x LP’s by Kevin Ayers:

–         Déjà Vu (Blau UK LP A014)

–         As Close As You Think (Illuminated UK LP AMA 25)

Neither are on CD, that I am aware of.

There’s a Firesign Theatre CD that I cannot locate:  “The Pink Hotel Burns Down” (Lodestone US CD) Have a copy you can burn for me?  Or sell to me?  Also need a legit CD of Proctor & Bergman’s “TV or Not TV”!

Can we confirm that Jona Lewie only had 2 LP’s on Stiff UK?  “On The Other Hand, There’s A Fist” and “Heart Skips Beat”?  One discography gives an LP titled “Gatecrasher” – WTF?

Anybody got a copy of the “Wonderful World” (1984) LP by Belgian group Telex to sell me?  Or the Japanese CD boxed set?

The oldest record on my vinyl want list is “Ludo” by Ivor Cutler (Parlophone Records UK, 1967).  I can pay a good sum of cash for this LP.

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June 1980 Cassette

6-3-13                         June 1980 Cassette

1980.06 K7

On 6/3/72, the LP “Thick As A Brick” by Jethro Tull charts at No. 1 in the US.

Again, the actual cassette is AWOL, so I’ll just have to guess what’s on it!


RANDOM HOLD – Either something from the 12” or a 45

PSYCHEDELIC FURS – Still on the first album singles? “Sister Europe”, perhaps? Or after?

MAGAZINE – Upside Down (the 3rd of 3 45’s this year), that came before “The Correct Use Of Soap”

THE BEAT – Probably a single, unless it’s “I’m Your Flag” from their 2nd album

GARY NUMAN – Possibly from the “We Are Glass” era of Numan 45’s?

PINK MILITARY – Did You See Her 45 (‘cause I didn’t get the LP for years)

MI-SEX – Either a single or something from the 2nd album?

THE CURE – Probably something from “17 Seconds” still

THE SURF PUNKS – Something from their debut Columbia dist. LP

THE BUDDY ODOR STOP (Gruppo Sportivo) – Something from that wonderful LP!

JIMMY HIBBERT – Tough 45 (from Albertos Y Lost Trios Paranoias)

XTC – A single likely, “Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down”? Or possibly a B-Side?

NATIONAL LAMPOON – Something from “The White Album”?

ADRIAN MUNSEY – It’s gotta be his “sheep” 45 on Virgin Records

SLAPPHAPPY – Probably from the re-issue of the “Casablanca Moon” LP

LUCIO BATTISTI – An “Una Giornata Uggiosa” single?

JACNO – Probably the “Rectangle” 45?

NEW YORK GONG – Likely the “Much Too Old” 45

GEOFF LEIGH – One of his 45’s / EP’s, after leaving Henry Cow

AKSAK MABOUL – something from the 2nd album, I bet (Cut 1, Side 1)

SPLIT ENZ – Too early to be from “Waiata”, so likely still a “True Colours” single

PETE TOWNSHEND – Something from “Empty Glass” or a single thereof

MOTORHEAD – Could be an “Ace Of Spaces” album track or single

CABARET VOLTAIRE – Something from the “5 Mantras” 12”?  I don’t remember getting their singles or LP’s, just that 12” single

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Quatermass in 5.1 Audio~!

5-30-13          Quartermass in 5.1 audio!

Quatermass (1970)

On 5/31/69 Booker T & The MG’s 45 “Time Is Tight” charts at No. 4 in England.  On 5/30/70 the Fleetwood Mac 45 “The Green Manalishi” charts at No. 10 in England.  On 6/2/73, the LP “Red Rose Speedway” by Paul McCartney & Wings charts at No. 1 in the US.

It has come to my attention that one of the better early 70’s progressive rock albums is being re-done in England in 5.1 on an NTSC DVD-A!

I’ll probably have to mail-order this one from England – I doubt there are any store buyers who know what this is, in California.

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Pell Mell “Marburg” CD

5-29-13    Pell Mell “Marburg” CD

Pell Mell "Marburg" CD

Here’s a good typical quandry I sometimes face.  All 3 x Pell Mell albums are being re-issued in Japan; the new editions will be paper sleeves and SHM-CD’s, probably with “new mastering”.  They will cost me approx. $45 ea in the door from Japan.

I bought a CD of what I remember their good album being, “Marburg”, probably in Germany in 1991 or 1992.  It’s a CD issued by the original company, Bellaphon Records, Germany.  This is not a band that bonus tracks are of interest to me.  It’s a coin toss about SHM-CD ( = Super High Materials ), but I do like Japanese paper sleeve CD’s!  So, do I spend $135 for a new set of CD’s, 2 of the 3 I don’t even remember.

While pondering this, I got out my original 1991 German CD of “Marburg”, burned a copy – and will listen as I drive to and from work today.

It’s from approx. 1974; I remember buying the original Pell Mell albums during my initial frenzy of German music, approx. ’71 – ’76, but I only kept “Marburg” as a CD – I don’t remember selling the other albums, but my list does not indicate that they’re still in my grasp.

– Ron


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