Glastonbury Fayre (3LP)

Glastonbury Fayre 3LP Set

6-11-13          Glastonbury Fayre (3LP)

On 6/11/66 the Yardbirds 45 “Over Under Sideways Down” charts at No. 10 in England.

Once upon a time, oddball various artist LP’s found their way from England to the end of the rock A-Z, under “Various Artists”.  The original “Glastonbury Fayre” triple LP, on the Revelations label – was one such triple LP of “Various Artists”.  It didn’t take a genius to figure out that this was a pretty decent album set, for 1972!  Track listing:

Side 1

The Grateful Dead – Dark Star (Recorded live, Empire Pool Wembley, 4/8/72) – there are copies of this 3LP set that replace The Grateful Dead with Welsh band “Man”!

Side 2

Brinsley Schwarz – Love Song (composed by Nick Lowe) studio recording

Mighty Baby – A Blanket In My Muesli (Live at the 1971 Glastonbury Fayre)

Side 3

Marc Bolan – Sunken Rags (Recorded at Marc’s home, different version to any other that I’ve ever heard)

Pete Townshend – Classified (Recorded at Pete’s home, not the same as appeared on the “Scoop” series, unless I am mistaken)

David Bowie – Supermen (Recorded at Trident studio) – a completely different version than I’ve heard elsewhere!  Amusingly, the liner notes say “The live tape recorded at Glastonbury will remain our vaults until the revolution”!  You don’t own this and you call yourself a Ziggy Stardust fan?

Hawkwind – Silver Machine / Welcome (Recorded at the Roundhouse, 2/13/72 – again, a totally different version than I’ve heard anywhere else!)

Skin Alley – Sun Music (Recorded at Trident studio – re-recorded for their 3rd album, “Two Quid Deal” in 1972/3) A great track!

Side 4

Daevid Allen and Gong – Glad Stoned Buried Fielding Flash and Fresh Fest Footprints In My Memory… (“Thanks to Byg Records”!) – and this whole LP side never saw the light of day elsewhere!  This LP side was the motivator for purchase!

Side 5

The Pink Fairies – Uncle Harry’s Last Freak Out

The Pink Fairies – Do it (both tracks recorded Live at the 1971 Glastonbury Fayre)

Side 6

The Edgar Broughton Band – Out Demons Out (Live at the 1971 Glastonbury Fayre)

Sadly, I do not remember what this 3LP cost as a new release, but I think I paid about 8 – 10 dollars for it, in the 70’s aftermarket, probably at the Capitol Records parking lot swap meet.

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3 Responses to Glastonbury Fayre (3LP)

  1. ronkanefiles says:

    So, it was likely about $9 upon release…

  2. There’s a film of the1971 Glastonbury Festival by no less than Nicholas Roeg (The Man Who Fell To Earth). Haven’t seen it, but sounds fascinating. BTW, did you get the silver folding pyramid in your album?

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