6-6-13             Quiet

On 6/8/68 the Donovan 45 “Hurdy Gurdy Man” charts at No. 4 in England.  On 6/7/69 The Beatles 45 “The Ballad of John and Yoko” charts at No. 1 in England.  On 6/6/70 the Mungo Jerry 45 “In The Summertime” charts at No. 1 in England, for it’s first run up the charts.

Sometimes, I like to keep it quiet in my home.  Since getting the new TV (that hurt my left bicep) and Blu-ray player – there hasn’t been a stereo in the room where the TV is since January.  I’ll need to get a new amplifier for the room, as my old Sony board seems to have bitten the proverbial big one.

My small stereo in the den is really the only one working in my home at present; I bought a phono pre-amp for it, and moved my turntable down here.  I don’t sit and listen; usually, when I’m in my own den, I write stuff, look at the internet, do laundry etc.  I’ve been known to play 45’s in here…

But I am becoming very attuned to the sound of my home; I suspect if there was even a semi-loud noise – it would wake me up (if I were asleep).  It’s too much house for me – with a large front and back yard.  The ivy needs trimming etc.

So, after a day of work where I am sometimes browbeaten, I love to come home to… to paraphrase Paul Simon, the sounds of silence.  Yes, whne there’s no music, I can hear the clothes drying, the dishwasher hard at work, the sound of the hose in the side yard etc.

But I do still get excited about music.  That batch of 45’s that came my way last April was absolutely astonishing!  Can’t wait to get more 45’s!  I’m even going to “print my book” and take it with me, when visiting Portland, OR later this summer.  And S.F. etc.

I am lucky – nobody wants to play the FM radio at work.  I got so tired of the same 125 songs on the oldies radio that used to be played incessantly in my home – now I never have to hear any of those songs, unless I want to!

Strange, but I really do listen to quite a bit in my Suzuki!  The high end is fairly crisp, for a car; and I’ve heard some bass in the car that I never heard in my home.  Just as, there are sounds on vinyl that will never easily translate to “being in the car” – though I used to think so, when I had an MD player in the car.

When I got a Samsung Tablet a few months back, I put some MP3’s of some favorite music on there, and then proceeded to never play it!  I even got a nice, new colorful set of headphones!

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