Rolling Stones – Crossfire Hurricane

6-5-13                         Rolling Stones – “Crossfire Hurricane”

Crossfire Hurricane

I recently got this new Rolling Stones documentary film as a Blu-ray disc; I actually paid for it, from a retailer – on sale, as a new release.  Yes, it’s re-told through hazy rose colored glasses as worn by Mick, Keith, Charlie & Mr. Wood on the eve of their 50th anniversary, as a band.  Not that Brian Jones and Bill Wyman aren’t represented – they definitely are.  It’s a decent length (147m), and the bonus features are actually worth watching – UK & Euro TV appearances from 1964 and 1965.  Didn’t get an opportunity to watch this film on a 5.1 set-up, but I bet it sounds great.

The editing is very 2013 / modern, lots of quick cuts, “mistakes” intentionally left in, very funny visuals and audio – pretty much everything one might think of / suspect was going on.  They’re not shy about discussing Keith’s assorted proclivities.  One actually gets to see Andrew Loog Oldham and Brian Jones in action!

It’s very fun to see the present day band performing; I missed the current tour, but did see some of the hullabaloo on the streets of Los Angeles (news vans, reporters parked outside of the tiny club that they did their warm-up show) – especially compared with the snotty young men, who dominate this documentary.

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