June 1980 Cassette

6-3-13                         June 1980 Cassette

1980.06 K7

On 6/3/72, the LP “Thick As A Brick” by Jethro Tull charts at No. 1 in the US.

Again, the actual cassette is AWOL, so I’ll just have to guess what’s on it!


RANDOM HOLD – Either something from the 12” or a 45

PSYCHEDELIC FURS – Still on the first album singles? “Sister Europe”, perhaps? Or after?

MAGAZINE – Upside Down (the 3rd of 3 45’s this year), that came before “The Correct Use Of Soap”

THE BEAT – Probably a single, unless it’s “I’m Your Flag” from their 2nd album

GARY NUMAN – Possibly from the “We Are Glass” era of Numan 45’s?

PINK MILITARY – Did You See Her 45 (‘cause I didn’t get the LP for years)

MI-SEX – Either a single or something from the 2nd album?

THE CURE – Probably something from “17 Seconds” still

THE SURF PUNKS – Something from their debut Columbia dist. LP

THE BUDDY ODOR STOP (Gruppo Sportivo) – Something from that wonderful LP!

JIMMY HIBBERT – Tough 45 (from Albertos Y Lost Trios Paranoias)

XTC – A single likely, “Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down”? Or possibly a B-Side?

NATIONAL LAMPOON – Something from “The White Album”?

ADRIAN MUNSEY – It’s gotta be his “sheep” 45 on Virgin Records

SLAPPHAPPY – Probably from the re-issue of the “Casablanca Moon” LP

LUCIO BATTISTI – An “Una Giornata Uggiosa” single?

JACNO – Probably the “Rectangle” 45?

NEW YORK GONG – Likely the “Much Too Old” 45

GEOFF LEIGH – One of his 45’s / EP’s, after leaving Henry Cow

AKSAK MABOUL – something from the 2nd album, I bet (Cut 1, Side 1)

SPLIT ENZ – Too early to be from “Waiata”, so likely still a “True Colours” single

PETE TOWNSHEND – Something from “Empty Glass” or a single thereof

MOTORHEAD – Could be an “Ace Of Spaces” album track or single

CABARET VOLTAIRE – Something from the “5 Mantras” 12”?  I don’t remember getting their singles or LP’s, just that 12” single

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