Pell Mell “Marburg” CD

5-29-13    Pell Mell “Marburg” CD

Pell Mell "Marburg" CD

Here’s a good typical quandry I sometimes face.  All 3 x Pell Mell albums are being re-issued in Japan; the new editions will be paper sleeves and SHM-CD’s, probably with “new mastering”.  They will cost me approx. $45 ea in the door from Japan.

I bought a CD of what I remember their good album being, “Marburg”, probably in Germany in 1991 or 1992.  It’s a CD issued by the original company, Bellaphon Records, Germany.  This is not a band that bonus tracks are of interest to me.  It’s a coin toss about SHM-CD ( = Super High Materials ), but I do like Japanese paper sleeve CD’s!  So, do I spend $135 for a new set of CD’s, 2 of the 3 I don’t even remember.

While pondering this, I got out my original 1991 German CD of “Marburg”, burned a copy – and will listen as I drive to and from work today.

It’s from approx. 1974; I remember buying the original Pell Mell albums during my initial frenzy of German music, approx. ’71 – ’76, but I only kept “Marburg” as a CD – I don’t remember selling the other albums, but my list does not indicate that they’re still in my grasp.

– Ron


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2 Responses to Pell Mell “Marburg” CD

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Ron – You have too much money. Seek professional help. By the way, I’m guessing this is not the other Pell Mell:

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    This Pell Mell is a German 70’s band, with 3 albums, 2 of which aren’t very good, and the good one has vocalist issues. No, I won’t be spending any money on a re-re-ish.

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