Santa Barbara weekend

D & I went to Santa Barbara, CA over the weekend.  The best store there is Warbler Records on De La Guerra St.  Found the following there; all were inexpensive, except the Ginger Baker:

BAKER, GINGER – AT HIS BEST, RSO UK 2LP Never saw a British pressing of this before!

CLARK, PETULA – THESE ARE MY SONGS, PYE UK LP ’67 “Don’t Sleep In The Subway” etc.

DUFFY, STEPHEN / DR. CALCULUS – DESIGNER BEATNIK, TEN UK LP re-issue; instrumentals – why would this get re-issued?  Because they could!

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE – BEST OF, RCA DE LP Unique to Germany; interesting selection and unique cover; their US best of is called “The Worst Of”!

LOVE, GEOFF – BIG DISCO MOVIE HITS, MFP NZ LP ’78 EZ Hits style disco recreations of the day, incl. an orchestral “Every 1’s A Winner”!


O.S.T. – DOCTOR SCHIWAGO, MGM DE LP  I’m a sucker for German pressings of almost anything!  Score by Maurice Jarre.

OSBORNE, TONY / PIANO & ORCHESTRA – THAT’S PARIS, REGAL UK LP re-issue; Mr Osborne also has LP’s on Deram Records!  Many “originals” on this one!  ’67!

THEODORAKIS, MIKIS – INSTRUMENTAL HITS, POLYGRAM GR LP Not sure the artist is, but it states that it’s an 8-track recording.  And instrumental.

V.A. – SALES MEETING – SUMMER 1970, ATCO US LP promo-only; believe it or not, I also have the Summer 1969 Sales meeting LP; this has Iron Butterfly playing “I Can’t Help But Deceive You Little Girl”, which I think was not on an LP?



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5 Responses to Santa Barbara weekend

  1. Dana Madore says:

    *Cool “haul”… as usual!* ** *D. *

  2. postpunkmonk says:

    They re-issued Dr. Calculus…??!! Damn! Will there ever be a [non-REVO] CD?

  3. ronkanefiles says:

    It’s a Virgin mid-line re-issue, with a serial # of XID 14; no inner sleeve like the original, appears to be the same ‘cut’, too. At least now I have a full list of Virgin Records mid/late-80’s LP re-issues!

  4. David Z says:

    Re the Ginger Baker collection: was this the one that was released at the same time as the Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce collections?

  5. ronkanefiles says:

    Yes, it is. Just never saw a UK copy before – I was never even sure it got released in England before!

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