Blu Spec CD2

5-22-13          Blu Spec CD2 (BSCD2)

Blu-spec CD2

Blu-spec CD2

5/22/82 Madness “House of Fun” 45 is No. 1 in England. (sorry, Japanese only!)

I recently obtained some Blue Spec CD2 format CD’s from Japan.  These are Blu-ray discs that will play in US CD players!  The present series is denoted as “Legacy Recordings” – the three I ordered and received are:

MOTT THE HOOPLE      ALL THE YOUNG DUDES            SONY JPN           SICP 30089

NILSSON, HARRY          AERIAL BALLET                           RCA JPN   SICP 30080

BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS                                                    CHILD IS FATHER TO THE MAN         SONY JPN                                     SICP 30061

I needed to replace my Mott The Hoople CD; I only had the US vers. without any bonus tracks.  This ’06 mastered version has 7 bonus tracks!

I did not have this Harry Nilsson title in any format; I’ve enjoyed all of the Nilsson material I’ve gotten lately, so thought I should try one of his famous albums.  It’s an ’07 mastered version.  3 x bonus tracks!

I am a sucker for the debut album by Blood, Sweat & Tears!  I’ve bought the original Columbia US LP, then a British LP of it, then several CD variants – a gold disc etc.  This one says it’s re-mastered in 2012, so that’s newer than the gold disc version I have!

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2 Responses to Blu Spec CD2

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    I have the ’06 DLX RM [US] of “Mott” and the extras were quite nice. B-side/demos/live. All good.

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    Yeah, when the Mott’s got re-done, they were really nice! However, this is a “new format” – BSCD2. All good. Plays on a conventional CD player, yet reveals great sound when played on a Blu-ray player. Thank goodness we are the same AC as Japan!

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