May 1980 Cassette

5-2-13                         May 1980 Cassette

Happy birthday, Bunk Gardner (of The Mothers of Invention), born 1933.  On 5/2/64, the LP “Beatles’ Second Album” by The Beatles charted at No. 1 in the US.  On 5/5/73 Alice Cooper’s 45 of “No More Mr. Nice Guy” charts at No. 10 in England.  Happy birthday, Link Wray! (Born 1929).

Oh, this is great!  I just have the artists listed today!  I never went and dug out this actual cassette and played it, detailing the songs – so for that, you’ll just have to use your imagination.  A few somewhat obvious comments today, too.



ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES – Either a 45 or something from the debut album

PETE TOWNSHEND – Like “Empty Glass” or a 45 from it

HECTOR ZAZOU (France) – Maybe from “La Perversita” LP?

P-MODEL (Japan) – Either 2nd or 3rd album, by now

THE SWINGERS (New Zealand) – Likely a 45, as the LP was still in the future

RANDOM HOLD – Something from the Polydor 12”?  Or a 45?

MI-SEX (New Zealand) – 2nd album or 45?

THE CURE – Something from “17 Seconds” or a 45?

ALAN SORRENTI (Italy) – No clue, probably from a contemporary LP

JOHN COOPER CLARKE – Could’ve been a 45 or LP track


ROBERT WYATT – Likely a 45, as there weren’t many albums by him at this point

GANG OF FOUR – Probably a 45

TOY LOVE (New Zealand) Probably a 45, did I have the album yet?

MAGAZINE – One of the trio of singles from the 3rd album

THE BUDDY ODOR STOP (NL) Gorgeous 1980 NL new wave

ROY HARPER – Might’ve been “Playing Games” 45?

THE STRANGLERS – Post “Raven” 45?

TRANSISTER (NL) somehow arrived in the mail from Holland

TH’DUDES (New Zealand) sent to me by Chris Ward / Frame

HUMAN HANDS – I recorded them in May, 1980!  Pasadena, CA band…

RAGNAROK (Sweden) 3rd album track, likely

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4 Responses to May 1980 Cassette

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    Human Hands? With Bill Noland of Wall of Voodoo?

  2. ronkanefiles says:

    It’s actually the other way around! Human Hands was first!

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