The Gordons

4-16-13          The Gordons win an award in NZ!

The Gordons

Happy birthday, Henry Mancini!  (Born 1924).

I had the good fortune to actually see The Gordons in NZ on one of my earlier visits.  They were unbelievable energetic – so much so that they had to stop playing after a few minutes, because the guitarist had torn some strings off of his guitar.  As there weren’t “any rules” at that time, they just stopped playing, and Alastair just sat and re-strung his guitar while on-looking Wellington punks stared at him, mumbling “Strings are all broken”.

Their debut EP, “Future Shock” (1980), is something not easily forgotten – where were you when you first heard “Adults & Children”?

In a turn-around in historical resonation, The Gordons have been given an award (“The Taite Music Prize: Independent Music NZ Classic Record”) for their debut album, “The Gordons” (1981) as the inaugural award in the category, with Grant Smithies saying “This first Gordons record remains unsurpassed for it’s nasty beauty , it’s ice-cold pessimism and white-hot intensity” – and I don’t disagree!

So an almost-unknown band in a distant country wins an award, and I’ve seen them live, I bought the record in question when it was a new release and, in 1987, I got to meet them all formally in Christchurch, NZ – although by that time, they were known as Bailter Space.

So, if I sold you a copy – whip it out and admire all the qualities as detailed by Mr. Grant Smithies (the guy who wrote the book on “Great NZ Albums”).

The Taite Music Prize 2013 event is held on Wednesday, 17th April in Auckland and is an invite-only ceremony. Julia Deans and Street Chant, both finalists in previous Taite Music Prize events, are scheduled to perform live sets for the gathered guests. The event will live-streamed to the public via NZ Herald Online and will be recorded by Radio NZ.

The Taite Music Prize

Presented by:

Independent Music New Zealand (IMNZ)

Official Partners:

PPNZ Music Licensing / NZ On Air (NZOA) / the Taite Family

Supporting Partners:

NZ Music Commission / The Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) etc.

Media Partners:

NZ Herald Online / Kiwi FM

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