Sheb Wooley

4-10-13          Sheb Wooley

Happy birthday, Sheb “Purple People Eater” Wooley!  A quick check of the internet, and it appears that he was born April 10th 1921 and passed away September 16th 2003.

Can’t do better than this, actually:

Along with lots of other folks, I first became aware of Sheb Wooley at the time of (or shortly thereafter) “Purple People Eater”, a charming novelty record that actually kinda “rocks”!  It must’ve been my brother who initially brought that 45 into our home.

Took me quite a while, but I eventually found several of Sheb Wooley’s albums – they are not exactly easy to find here in California.  Another thing I discovered – that I had no idea about – Mr. Wooley was also writing & releasing country & western comedy / novelty records as Ben Colder, “Yes, sir – it’s never been colder!”

Well, I’ve only got a few Ben Colder records, preferring to try and track down more Sheb Wooley material.  Remember, the bulk of my interest in this artist occurred previously to the interwebs.  I didn’t know that Sheb Wooley and Ben Colder were one in the same; I had no idea if there was ever a “Purple People Eater” album etc.

Well, I am particularly fond of country & western comedy / novelty records!  Bring on the Don Bowman, Homer & Jethro, Lonzo & Oscar, Archie Campbell, Stringbean, and Minnie Pearl records!

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One Response to Sheb Wooley

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    I remember seeing a TV ad in the 70s for “Ben Colder” records on a TV station in rural Florida. I found out that “Ben Colder” was actually Sheb Wooley in the late 80s and mused at the notion of a man called “Sheb Wolley” who made “novelty” records under the name of “Ben Colder.” At first I thought it was Colder who used the name “Sheb Wooley” to make “novelty records!”

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