Aqualung on Island Records? White Deep Purple cover?

Aqualung on Island Records


Happy birthday, Carl Perkins!  (Born 1932).  On 4/9/66 the Cher 45 “Bang Bang” charts at No. 3 in England.  Phil Ochs croaks, 1976.

Never knew this existed until recently.  All of the other copies I’ve seen have been on the green Chrysalis label, albeit some copies with an Island Records England ILPS number.  This one’s German.

The LP is the UK version, too – with the Aqualung riff played twice at the beginning of Side 1.

Also found a white cover version of “In Rock” by Deep Purple; not only is the cover an “Hor Zu” and white, the LP plays per the original UK edition – with noisy atmospherics at the beginning of Side 1!

Deep Purple - In Rock

So, still finding oddball stuff out there!  Yep, another German variant…

– Ron

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