Leon Russell – Serge Gainsbourg

4-2-13             Leon Russell and Serge Gainsbourg

Serge Gainsbourg

Happy birthday, Serge Gainsbourg! (Born 1928).  Happy birthday, Leon Russell!  (Born 1941).  I had no idea that Serge Gainsbourg shared a birthday with Leon Russell!

Leon Russell probably came to my attention first when he was musical director for Joe Cocker, circa ’69 / ’70, then shortly thereafter as a solo artist.  I remember so well when “Carney” came out, his 3rd solo album.  I just loved it.  But I didn’t keep up with his releases in real time; too many other fish to fry.

So pleased Leon Russell is still alive & kicking.  I thought it was a nice gesture when Elton John invited him to do an album a short while ago.

I first became aware of Serge Gainsbourg as I walked the neighborhoods of Paris in 1979; likely they were promoting one of his reggae albums at that time.  I heard Serge Gainsbourg’s name in the mid-80’s, when “Love On The Beat” got a US release on Mercury Records.  The long-gone French bookstore on Westwood Blvd. (“La Cite”) likely provided me with the next phase of my SG fandom, a CD of his late 50’s recordings.  Then I got his first boxed set!

Alas, Serge G passed away in 1991.  I got his 17CD boxed set of studio albums not long ago.

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1 Response to Leon Russell – Serge Gainsbourg

  1. Bob Gaulke says:

    And French music has never really recovered from ’91….

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