April 1980 Cassette

4-1-13                         April 1980 Cassette

1980.04 K7_NEW

March 31st:  Happy birthday, Herb Alpert!  (Born 1935).  On 4/1/72 Argent “Hold Your Head Up” 45 charts at No. 5 in England.  Also on 4/1/72 the Neil Young 45 “Heart Of Gold” charts at No. 10 in England.  Happy birthday, Ronnie Lane (of The Faces), born 1946.  Happy birthday, Jimmy Cliff (Island Records’ reggae star), born 1948.


FRANK ZAPPA – I Don’t Want To Get Drafted (Zappa US 45) ‘80

HATFIELD & THE NORTH – Oh, Len’s Nature!; Lything and Gracing (Live) (from “Afters” Virgin UK LP) ’80

MADNESS – The Young & The Old (from “Work Rest & Play” Stiff UK EP) ‘80

KEVIN AYERS – from “That’s What You Get Babe” (Harvest UK LP) ‘80

THE BUGGLES – Technopop (Island UK 45 B-Side) ‘80

ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES – Red Frame – White Light (Dindisc UK 45) ‘80

DAEVID ALLEN / NEW YORK GONG – Much Too Old (Charly UK 45) ‘80

THE STRANGLERS – Bear Cage (United Artists UK 45) ‘80

THE SELECTER – Missing Words (2-Tone UK 45) ‘80

JOHN FOXX – This City (flexidisc?  B-Side?) ‘80

JOHN CALE – Mercenaries (I.R.S. / Spy US 45) ‘80

PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY – Laughing Academy (“Laughing Academy” United Artists UK LP) ‘79

WIRE – A Question of Degree (Harvest UK 45) ‘79


MAGAZINE – A Song From Under The Floorboards (Virgin UK 45) ‘80

ARTHUR BROWN & VINCENT CRANE – Tightrope (I.C. Germany LP) ‘80

XTC – Wait ‘Till Your Boat Goes Down (Virgin UK 45) ‘80

DOUG RICHARDSON – Winning Ticket (“Night Talk” AVI US LP) ’77 jazz

ANDY PARTRIDGE – Steam Fist Futurist (“Take Away” Virgin UK LP) ‘80

RANDOM HOLD – What Happened (“The View From Here” Polydor UK LP) ‘80

FRANCOIS CAHEN – from “Thank You Friends” (Atlantic FR LP) ’78 jazz

SPLIT ENZ – Poor Boy (“True Colours” A&M UK LP) ‘80

MARTHA & THE MUFFINS – Paint By Number Heart (“Make Metro Music” Dindisc UK LP) ‘80

THE BEAT – Twist & Crawl (Go-Feet UK 45) ‘80

EGBERTO GISMONTI – from “Coracoes Futuristos” EMI Brazil LP) ’76 jazz

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1 Response to April 1980 Cassette

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    “Red Frame/White Light” was a slow grower for me. I heard the single when it came out and didn’t like it as much as “Electricity.” 30 years later and it’s now my go-to song from “Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark.” I often think about covering this tune for fun. Maybe when I “retire.” [insert morbid laughter here]

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