New Device

3-27-13          New Device 

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2, Vers. 7.0

On 3/27/65 The Who 45 “I Can’t Explain” charts at No. 8 in England.  Also on 3/27/65 the Yardbirds 45 “For Your Love” charts at No. 2 in England.

Bowing to peer pressure from the GF, I got a new mobile device, a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2, 7.0 vers.  If you want the device’s email address, you can email me, and I’ll share it, if ‘appropriate’.

Still learning all of the device’s tricks etc.  I wonder:  Will I finally be able to retire my Palm M125?  Will one of the functions of the new device hold my list, for me to observe offline – while standing in a record store in Seattle, WA?

Certainly some amusing running around over the last short bit of time.  A new store opened near my house, and I took home plenty of used CD’s – at a very low cost.

I continue to go to Physical Therapy appointments; it seems to be helping.  Left arm still isn’t 100%, but I can tell the definite improvement.

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