Up To Date?

3-25-13          Up to date



March 24th:  Happy birthday, Mike Kellie (Spooky Tooth), born 1947.  On 3/25/72, the LP “Fog On The Tyne” by Lindisfarne was No. 1 in England.  Happy birthday, Nick Lowe!  (Born 1949).

Trying to keep up to date, with the Y.M.O. CD issues.  Looks like I can get it to within 10 years, re: the mastering.  I recently got an ‘03 Sony issue of “Service”, and for a CD, I think that’s the last time it was mastered.

I know that they did a Blu-spec (Blu-ray) issue a while back; not sure if it’s a complete re-origination of any of their titles, or if they used the most recent CD mastering for the Blu-spec mastering.

They should’ve re-mastered “Ultimate Collection” when they made an SA-CD non-hybird issue, but did they do all the others too?

So, is 2003 really the most recent mastering on all of the Japanese Y.M.O. CD titles?

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