1975 or so

3-19-13          1975 or so

Happy birthday, Terry Hall (of The Specials, Fun Boy Three, Colourfield etc.), born 1959.  On 3/19/66 The Who 45 “Substitute” charts at No. 5 in England.  Paul Kossof (of Free) croaks, 1976.  Happy birthday, Ornette Coleman! (Born 1930).

1975 would’ve been my middle year of high school.  I graduated high school in 1976.  The possibilities of the world at large were apparent to me at that time, 1975.  I knew I had to work to earn cash to buy records; working in a record store seemed to make sense – and I eventually did in July, 1976.

In 1975, I had to put up with the mediocre educational system that I was being forced to go through; I was one of the editors of the school newspaper – I even sold an advertisement to a Long Beach record store, Music Plus – on the Traffic Circle.  I typed tests for the French teacher – who got me out of physical education class to do so.  In short, I wasn’t too interested in what other classes were going on around me.  The film class might’ve been nice, but…I didn’t know any of the people in there.

Somehow, it became apparent that one could “leave the premises” via an unlocked exterior door in one of the “shop” classes.  What were they thinking?  You left the school on the northern border of the school, and could pretty quickly make your way out of the parking lot – to freedom.

Up at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Pacific Coast Highway, I could catch a bus that either went downtown or up north.  I had good friends at the other big high school, so sometimes I went north to visit them.  In 1975, there weren’t any fences or walls surrounding the school, I could just walk on to the campus – and I looked like a student.

Suitably impressed with my presence, my friends would usually decline to join me as I wandered around town mid-week.  I didn’t have much cash, so best to head to used record stores, in north Long beach.

“Wheatstone” was on Atlantic Avenue; I knew they were there – they were in the yellow pages!  I did listen to some KNAC 105.5 FM, and it was to Wheatstone I turned when I needed to buy “Forms and Feelings” by Love Sculpture – doubtlessly, KNAC has played “Sabre Dance” one evening, and I probably called and asked what the heck was playing.

There was another hippie record store / head shop up on Long Beach Blvd., and I am reliably told that it was called “Pegasus”.  That’s where my English copy of Family “Music In A Doll’s House” came from, as a used LP.  My friend who told me the name of this store said it was where they used to buy their rolling papers etc.

The big destination in north Long Beach was Dooley’s Hardware store, with a massive inexpensive “record department”.  Coasters 45’s for 10 cents!  And I could easily walk home from there on smaller streets where nobody from the school would ever see me.

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