Sony MX-670 / Equipment

3-18-13          Sony MX-670 / Equipment


March 15th:  Happy birthday, Sly Stone (Sylvester Stewart), born 1944.  On 3/18/72 the Paul McCartney & Wings 45 “Give Ireland Back To The Irish” charts at No. 16 in England.  Happy birthday, Wilson Pickett!  (Born 1941).

Alas, looks like the power supply to my Sony MX-670 mixer has bitten the proverbial big one.  Bad news, vinyl fans – that was what I had been using as a phono pre-amp!

Lickety split!  I ordered a Pro-ject phono pre-amp on-line.  Gotta get back into business!  Can’t play any of my records!  Urgh!

In other amusing ‘audiophile news’, I am trying something new to make various artist MD’s; I load up the (old) CD changer with V.A. discs, and run them into the MD Deck in the den, which has the “smart space” function activated!  Lo and behold, 80 minutes later, I have a mix of 5 discs in the charger, right onto MD, without any embarrassing (or unnecessary) “spaces”.

As some of you may already know, I bought a 2nd computer that’s in the south bedroom, and does not go on-line.  It’s JUST an audio computer, for burning CD-R’s.  Yes, I put audio files into the computer from MD’s that are mostly made from records – unless I am specifically making CD-R’s from CD’s that have been specially put onto MD for just this purpose.  What?

And I will probably get my Sansui amplifier “refurbished”; seems a shame to get rid of it, having had it for over 35 years.  I wonder if the same place that will do my amp can also fix the power supply to the MX-670 mixer?

What other equipment can I shuffle about?  I’ve got a 32-inch Sony flat screen TV (without a tuner) languishing in the back bedroom – maybe I could get someone to help me move it to the living room?  (I know better than to try and lift the damned thing by myself!).

Even though my turntable is in a state of repose, I still bought a really nice LP the other  weekend:  the Groundhogs “Cross Cut Saw” United Artists UK LP pressing.  I didn’t even have a US copy!  Found at a store that had no idea what it was, in Monrovia, CA.

Thanks for the words of encouragement, regarding my thinking of “giving it up”.  For the time being, I plan on continuing my blog – at least until I get up and running.  Believe it or not, that could be sooner rather than later!  (I hope to “retire” soon, folks!)

In the meantime, I just continue putting re-sealable sleeves on the nicer prone-to-damage LP’s (UK pressings!); making sure covers are glued together properly; trying to file like things near each other.  I think all of my Jonathan King LP’s are together now!

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1 Response to Sony MX-670 / Equipment

  1. postpunkmonk says:

    I have the equipment blues too. My recently acquired [used] Kenwood 5.1 tuner/amp has bit the dust. Now it turns itself off as soon as it is turned on. It even cuts power to the socket in the back where the DVD player is plugged in. So to listen to CDs, we have the DVD player hot wired into the frontal camcorder inputs to the 90s 32″ tube TV! The resulting sound is pretty anemic through the built-in TV 3″ speakers, which at 24″ apart, are barely stereo!

    The DVD player itself is no prize either. The region hacked, modified unit has always been problematic with the tray mechanism. It always liked to open and close many more times than what I needed! But last year it began hanging up on DVD playback. And change of track is likely to make it freeze up now; necessitating a stop/resume action [just once, if you’re lucky] to get the disc to play. With DVDs, that means that watching a DVD results in the following series of events: FBI warning/freeze/studio disclaimer/freeze/opening logo 1/freeze/opening logo 2/freeze/trailer 1/freeze/…trailer 7/freeze/menu/freeze/movie playback. With DVDs that don’t allow jumping to the menu [most, sadly] this means it takes a lot of stopping and starting before we actually can watch the movie on a DVD. 8-10 minutes of pain.

    So I need to buy a new DVD player and a new 5.1 tuner/amp. Any DVD player needs to be region free/multistandard with Macrovision hacked. I use the analog output from my DVD player to perform system transfers on my computer for PAL DVDs so I can watch them on a television in my home. I can get one for $50, so that’s easy enough.

    I liked the Kenwood tuner a lot. It was perfect for my S-video driven, standard resolution, all analog setup [LD player with RCA output, 2 high end VCRs which never get used, cassette deck which never gets used, and old fashioned tube monitor]. I got it on Craigslist [with 5.1 speakers] for $150. Exactly what I wanted for what I could afford. Any newer tuners might not be compatible with my ancient gear! HDMI? What’s that? I am NOT upgrading everything! I won’t spend that kind of money when I don’t plan on ever having hi-def -anything- to watch in my home. My hundreds of videotapes are all std def. My hundreds of laserdiscs are std def. And even my 60+ DVDs are std def. I don’t have an antenna/cable/dish because I don’t want to watch TV. End of discussion.

    If I didn’t like 5.1 on movies, I’d be tempted to get an old, good plain stereo from the late 70s and be done with it.

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