Smash Hits 1980

3-6-13                         Smash Hits (Vol. 2, No. 5) March 6 – 19, 1980

SH 800306_NEW

Happy birthday, David Gilmour (of The Pink Floyd), born 1947.  On 3/6/71 Atomic Rooster 45 “Tomorrow Night” charts at No. 11 in England.  Also on 3/6/71 the Paul McCartney 45 “Another Day” charts at No. 2 in England.

The Jam on the cover.  I never really liked them, but I did keep the Universal “Millennium Collection” CD.  For some reason…

The Motors “Love and Lonliness” has a ½ page advertisement.  Spizzenergi get written up (behind “Where’s Captain Kirk?”).  Blondie “Little Girls Should Be Stein and Not Heard” article – they looked “junked out”.  The Tourists have the colour centerfold.  The Beat “Hands Off She’s Mine” has a ½ page advertisement.  Martha & The Muffins “Make Metro Music” LP is advertised.  Big Flying Lizards article with colour photo.


The Knack – “Baby Talks Dirty” (Capitol / EMI Records)

Ten Pole Tudor – “Real Fun” (Korova Records)

Fabulous Poodles – “Bionic Man” (Blueprint Records)

M – “That’s The Way The Money Goes” (MCA Records)

B. A. Robertson – “Kool In The Kaftan” (Asylum Records)


Elvis Costello – “Get Happy” (F Beat records)

Orchestral Manoeuvres – “In The Dark” (Dindisc Records)

Rachel Sweet – “Protect The Innocent” (Stiff Records)

Martha & The Muffins – “Metro Love” (Dindisc Records)

Mr. Partridge – “Take Away” (Virgin Records; Andy Partridge of XTC)


Friday March 7, 1980 – Psychedelic Furs – Port Talbot Troubador

Monday March 17, 1980 – Showaddywaddy – Croydon Fairfield Hall

Thursday March 20, 1980 – Sad Café – Sheffield City Hall

Perhaps the debut Ten Pole Tudor 45?  A pre-first LP Fabulous Poodles 45?  A follow-up to “Pop Muzik” by Robin Scott (AKA “M”).  This is where I first encountered B.A. Robertson; slickly produced pop music from a slightly older and wiser perspective.  Nice picture sleeve too, with a pop-up in it!

I love how Smash Hits gets the titles of some of the LP’s a bit wrong (or ‘off’).  Winner of this batch is the Martha & The Muffins – the LP review says to listen to “Indecision”!  Mr. Partridge is, of course, Andy Partridge of XTC – with his ‘dub experiment’ LP that sounded nothing at all like XTC.  I think I liked the first Rachel Sweet LP better than this one.

And dear old Showaddywaddy are still playing in England, from their previous career… And Sad Café have yet to sign to Charisma Records.

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