March 1980 Cassette

3-4-13             March 1980 Cassette

1980.03 K7_NEW

March 1st:  Happy birthday, Harry Belafonte!  (Born 1927).  On 3-3-73 Slade “Cum On Feel The Noise” 45 was No. 1 in England; on 3-2-74 Slade “Old, New, Borrowed and Blue” LP was No. 1 in England. March 1, 1986 The Blow Monkeys “Digging Your Scene” 45 charts at No. 12 in England.  Happy birthday, Chris Squire (of Yes and Squackett), born 1948,

MISC ETC 3 / 80 A – Finally starting to see some real 1980 stuff!

THE BUGGLES – Living In The Plastic Age (“The Plastic Age” Island UK LP) ‘80

MARTHA & THE MUFFINS – Echo Beach (“Metro Music” Dindisc UK LP) ‘80

XTC – Ten Feet Tall (from “Drums & Wires” Virgin UK LP) ‘79

PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY – Funk Me (“Laughing Academy” United Artists UK LP) ‘79

JOHN FOXX – Underpass (Virgin UK 45) ‘80

THE SELECTER – James Bond (“Too Much Pressure” Two Tone UK LP) ‘80

TANZ DER YOUTH – I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry (Radar UK single) ‘79

THOMAS LEER & ROBERT RENTAL – Monochrome Days (“The Bridge” UK LP) ‘80

SPLIT ENZ – Malmsbury Villa (“Beginning of The Enz” Mushroom AUS LP) ’79 (recorded 1973)

MI-SEX – Wot Do You Want From Me? (“Graffiti Crimes”, CBS NZ LP) ‘79

PROCOL HARUM – Il Tuo Diamante (“Procol Harum” IL Italy LP) ’69 ( = “Shines On Brightly”, sung in Italian!)

CLEVE DUNCAN & THE PENGUINS – Memories Of El Monte (Early 60’s Frank Zappa production, 45)

THE BOYS NEXT DOOR – The Hair Shirt (from “Hee Haw” EP) ‘79

(+ Mystery instrumental track)

MISC ETC 3 / 80 B

FAUST – Faust Party #3 (Recommended Records UK 45) ’80 (recorded 1973)

PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY – British Baboon (“Laughing Academy” United Artists UK LP) ‘79

MI-SEX – Graffiti Crimes (from “Graffiti Crimes”, CBS NZ LP) ‘79

THE ROLLING STONES – Everything’s Turning To Gold (Rolling Stones US B-Side) ‘78

THE FLYING LIZARDS – Her Story (from their debut Virgin Records LP) ‘79

TALKING HEADS – With Our Love (“More Songs About Buildings & Food” Sire US LP) ‘78

CRYSTAL KING – Runaway (Japanese 45) ’79 or ’80 (I don’t own this one)

KENJI SAWADA – Tokio (from the “Tokio” Polydor Japan LP) ‘79

BARDI BLAISE – Trans-Siberian Express (Dindisc UK 45) ‘80

KEVIN AYERS – Money Money Money (Harvest UK 45) ‘80

THE BEAT – Ranking Full Stop (Go-Feet UK 45 B-Side) ‘79

CULT HERO – I’m A Cult Hero (Fiction single) ’79 ( = The Cure )

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3 Responses to March 1980 Cassette

  1. chas_m says:

    What a playlist! At least I know most of the bands on there for a change! Bardi Blaise on Dindisc? Cult Hero an early Cure nom de band? Punishment of Luxury? Tanz Der Youth on Radar?? Always more to discover from that amazing year 1979!!

  2. postpunkmonk says:

    1979 was the year it went a bit ballistic for me. The momentum from 1979 was palpable. Man, I wish I had the Cult Hero single to sell off right about now… but the market probably peaked for that a good 12-13 years ago.

  3. ronkanefiles says:

    I sold mine about ’88 or so – got “bank” for it, then.

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