Almost Healed

2-20-13          Almost Healed!

On 2/20/82 the XTC “English Settlement” 2LP set charts at No. 5 in England; Also on 2/20/82 the ABC “Poison Arrow” 45 charts at No. 6 in England.  On 2/20/71, the 2LP set “Jesus Christ Superstar” charts at No. 1 in the US.  On 2/20/65 the Tom Jones 45 “It’s Not Unusual” charts at No. 1 in England.

Well, I hope my two newly-written posts were OK and of some interest to regular readers.  I’ve really tried to rest my left arm, ever since injuring it on 1/29/13 by spraining my left bicep.  I’ve done my darndest to “take care of it” – by resting it etc.  I also went and had it x-ray’d – to ensure it wasn’t broken; I went and saw a new Dr. who requested an MRI be taken of it; I’m OK with that as long as the insurance pays!

Still, my primary Dr. said it may take a while for it to heal.  There’s no doubt it feels better already, but I need the left arm to be a bit stronger than it is.  I still really can’t lift much with it.

Been learning the ins-and-outs of Blu-ray, with it’s nice quality and ‘funky’ “loading” process – it’s odd when a disc warns me that it takes several minutes to “Load” all the features of a BD ( = Blu-ray Disc ).  Also, with the new TV, it’s obvious when something being broadcast isn’t high-definition – it just looks blurry!  And, yes, I bought the under $100 Blu-ray player because I could see that it played Super Audio CD’s!  I figure the more lasers in my home that can read SA-CD’s, the better.  Plus, I generally like new formats, anyway.

I’m still a week too early to give you list of all of my music purchases for this month.  I’m still very much into 45’s – but I am not forgetting that I have lots of LP’s to sort / file etc.

Sad news:  Second Spin, Santa Monica, CA – out of business.

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