The Stranglers

2-19-13          The Stranglers

The Stranglers

The Stranglers

Goodbye, Bon Scott (on 2/19/81).  On 2-19-77 The Stranglers “(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)” 45 charts at No. 44 in England.  Happy birthday, Tony Iommi, guitarist of Black Sabbath, born 1948.

So, it was that long ago for the debut 45 of The Stranglers?  Over 35 years ago?

Having worked for a hippie record store chain, I began to see the sea change in record stores, whenever I had the luxury to offer to drive a truck (delivering the records) – punks in San Diego, Riverside, Costa Mesa…places you wouldn’t think punks existed.

Were The Stranglers punks?  Maybe a tad too old for being punks, eh?  I don’t think I got to see them live until the latter part of 1979 (or was it 1980?) – by the time I saw them, it didn’t matter what they were – they were a good band.  Yes, I had their records in the 70’s, but the decade of The Stranglers was really the 80’s.

No, they didn’t return to L.A. – that I was ever aware of.  Once they signed to Epic, it became fairly difficult to try and find all of their releases.  I personally think importers began to get ‘lax’, with importing and selling the many variants that were around.

So, what’s on my Stranglers “Want List” in 2013?

All UK 45’s, naturally:

–         96 Tears (Epic UK TEARS 1, 1990)

–         Golden Brown (Epic UK 656761.7) 1991 re-issue, for their GH album

–         No Mercy (Epic UK W/PS A 4921, 1984) and 4 track Epic UK EP GA 4921

I think that’s all I’m “missing”, but it is always possible that there are other variants of the latter day titles I am not aware of.  I think I have all the released songs, but perhaps the above vinyl variants are still out there, for sale somewhere?

I’ve seen Hugh Cornwell live a few times, too.  The last time was for his “Hoover Dam” CD + DVD package, and I rather liked that one; I bought an LP of it from him for $10!

= = =

And Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath was only a few days younger than my late older brother!

And goodbye, Bon Scott of AC/DC.

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