Still Mending

Virgin Jpn_NEW

Still mending.  My left forearm hurts a bit – sprained bicep.  Found the above catalog for Virgin Records in Japan, via Nippon Columbia Records – before JVC got the Virgin license!  I have nearly all of the above pictured albums.  It’s a mix of stuff, mostly 70’s progressive rock.

Went to the lawyer last Saturday; I guess some papers will arrive in the post soon?  Expensive!  Today is a non-duty day for me, per my work.  I will go and get my late mother’s taxes done today – more $$$.  Also going to get my teeth cleaned!

I hope to be back writing again soon, but it has been helpful to not have to sit and type a lot, while the left arm heals.  Starting to get some good ideas, as a result of the enforced “rest”.

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